Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Blaine Reed Meteorites For Sale - List 183 - Pena Blanca and more

Blaine Reed Meteorites For Sale - List 183 - Pena Blanca and more

Blaine Reed
P.O. Box 1141
Delta, CO 81416
Ph/fax (970) 874-1487

…………………………………………………..LIST 183
December 29, 2015

Dear collectors,
Here is a short offering for the end of the year.

BRENHAM, Kansas: (Pallasite). Found October 30, 2005.
I know, the real reported find date for this meteorite is 1882 but this particular piece is an etched slice that was cut from a 69kg all iron individual that was found on the date listed above. The info card with it (which is one I made – this piece was sold be me at some point in the past and now came back as part of a small collection lot) says that this was found on the Allen and Mary Binford farm and gives the precise GPS coordinates for the find spot (so, one could probably visit the hole that this was pulled out of if one was so inclined). This is a typical part slice that is roughly square in shape. It has three cut edges and one natural edge.
74.1 gram etched part slice – 50mm x 50mm x 4mm - $130

PENA BLANCA SPRING, Texas: Enstatite achondrite (Aubrite). Fell August 2, 1946. Tkw = 70.4kg.
This is the famous meteorite that managed to land directly in a small natural pond. The fall was witnessed to some degree by a couple dozen people. A cook at a near by ranch house saw the stone break branches of a tree it passed through and then its impact into the pond. A couple ranch hands driving by the pond in a truck heard a load explosion and then had their truck splashed with water and plant debris. Later work to lower the level of the water in the pond allowed the recovery of several large fragments of this interesting and rare meteorite. These pieces are nice small to medium part slices that all show at least some of the fantastic breccia texture displayed by this meteorite (I personally like the 5.3g piece best myself as it shows a neat slightly darker 20mm x 12mm clast), but they are all nice. I have always loved the look (and rarity) of this stuff. It has been quite a long while since I have had pieces of this beautiful material.
1) Part slices:
a) .79 grams – 14mm x 8mm x 4mm - $65
b) 1.25 grams – 17mm x 8mm x 4mm - $100
c) 2.47 grams – 21mm x 19mm x 3mm - $190
d) 5.30 grams – 26mm x 26mm x 3mm - $400
e) 15.36 grams – 50mm x 33mm x 3.5mm - $1100

SACRAMENTO WASH (005), Arizona. Iron (ungrouped, troilite rich). Found 2004.
I have heard of and seen some pieces of this over the years but I have never had any pieces to sell. This is reported in the bulletin as a separate meteorite but I don’t know if it has ever been fully sorted out if these are really just chunks of iron that separated out from pieces of the Frankonia stone meteorite. This metal is chemically H-type metal (which is the type meteorite Frankonia is which did indeed have some fairly large metal pieces in it). However, attached h-type silicates have not been found attached to these iron pieces and some clearly showed fusion crust (and most pieces have an atmospherically sculpted shape). Regardless, this material is reported as a new/ separate meteorite and very little/ few pieces have been available.
a) .41 gram individual – 15mm x 7mm x 1mm - $20
b) 1.07 gram individual – 9mm x 8mm x 5mm - $40 – this one is in a membrane box and comes with a L. Atkins collection label.

SPRINGWATER, Canada: (Pallasite). Found 1931.
Here is a fantastic, beautiful thin complete slice. This is cut thin enough that many of the crystals pass light (not so easy to get in this meteorite due to its generally smaller olivine crystal size). This piece has NOT been through the “special rust treatment” I mentioned on the small pieces listed earlier. This is partly because to do so would risk having the thing break apart in the process but mostly because this piece has shown itself over the past 3.5 years or so to be stable on its own already. It was stored/ displayed with out any special care in a fairly humid environment (West Virginia) and has held up beautifully. Another really neat feature of this large slice is that its Ferringtonite inclusions, a VERY rare magnesium Phosphate mineral that seems to be only known from meteorites. One is bright, obvious and is about 10mm x 30mm. There are several others that are darker near the edges of the slice. A few other pallasites are noted for having some of this mineral discovered in them but Springwater has by far the best and is the “type locality” for the stuff. I know a few mineral collectors who would probably like me to break this thing apart so they can add a piece of this odd mineral to their collections. I have pictures of this piece in the computer ready to send to those interested.
a) 306.4 gram complete slice – 280mm x 150mm x 2mm - $5500 – has several Ferrigtonite inclusions.

TOLUCA, Mexico: Coarse octahedrite (IAB). Found 1776.
This is a bag of fragments of both oxide and metal (more metal than oxide I think). Some of the larger pieces (thumb-nail sized plus) are metal and have a polished and etched face.
14.5 grams of metal and oxide fragments - $7

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Blaine Reed Meteorites for Sale- List 182 - Springwater and more

Blaine Reed Meteorites for Sale- List 182 - Springwater and more

Blaine Reed
P.O. Box 1141
Delta, CO 81416
Ph/fax (970) 874-1487

…………………………………………………..LIST 182
December 8, 2015

Dear collectors,

Here is another quickly put together offering. I had hoped to have my inventory work done (that wonderful fun week long job of opening every box, bin and container, weighing and recording everything in it) by now so I could offer up a “want to get rid of the last piece or two before year end” sale/ offering. Unfortunately I have been far to busy with projects to even get started yet (hence this offering of “new” stuff now). I am trying to finish up installing a second solar electric panel array (one using some of the many panels I picked up a few years ago during the Solyndra bankruptcy sale). It is taking longer than I expected (lots of small details that need to be dealt with) and I MUST have it done before the end of the month (plus I have some travel that also must be done before the end of the month). Anyway, I do hope to have a year end “remove it from inventory sale” later but I am not certain I can pull it together. Anyway, enjoy this small offering in the meantime.

ALBIN, Wyoming: (Pallasite). Found 1915. Tkw = 40+ kilograms.
This is a thin slice that has a large 15mm x 10mm clear olivine crystal. The remainder is mostly metal but it does contain a good number of small (2 or 3mm) olivine crystals (also quite clear).
1.6 gram slice – 18mm x 14mm x 2mm - SOLD

HOLBROOK, Arizona; (L/LL6). Fell July 19, 1912.
Here are two pieces: one an end piece (kind of unusual for this meteorite) that is likely a more recent recovery and a really fresh individual. The end piece has a fair amount of brown showing in the interior. The crust is still black but does show some brown spotting. The individual looks certainly to be an early after the fall recovery. The crust (around 90% coverage) is fresh and black. The interior is bright white.
a) 1.22 gram end piece – 13mm x 9mm 4mm - $30
b) 2.4 gram fresh individual – 12mm x 12mm x 10mm - $60

NWA (2822): Rumurutiite. (R4), polymict breccia. Found 2005. Tkw = 1675 grams.
This is a nice part slice that looks like a complete slice (one edge is broken but has a natural look to it). It has a nice light to medium brown/ orange color to it. This particular piece also clearly shows the “polymict” (having piece of different type material) part of its classification> there are quite a few odd clasts scattered throughout the piece (in addition to lots of chondrules). However, there are two large clasts that are definitely different. One about 5mm x 10mm is a light colored clasts along one edge that shows no chindrules of any kind. The other (about 10mm x 10mm) is really dark. This one even has a clast within a clast – the center is a 4mm x 3mm black (carbonaceous?) clast. The remainder/ surrounding material is very dark, shows chondrules but is much higher in troilite (these rare meteorites don not show fresh iron) than the matrix.
17.3 gram slice – 60mm x 43mm x 2.5mm - $250

NWA (8302): Iron. Hexagedrite (IIAB). Found before 2010. Tkw = 22.4 kilograms.
I offered pieces of this on a list back in May of 2014. They all rapidly sold. I had forgotten that I had several specimens of different meteorites from that mailed offering set aside for a customer who never came back for them. Of those, it turned out that this is the only one that I had absolutely no other pieces of. The others just went back into the bags that contained the other pieces still in inventory. So, rather than re-make an inventory bag (the type you’d find in my miscellaneous bucket at shows) I’d just rather offer this here. It is a nice part slice that has one natural edge (one of the long sides) with the rest cut. It has been has been etched and does show some Nuemann lines, though they are faint (not atypical in this type meteorite).
17.0 gram etched part slice – 28mm x 21mm x 4mm - $40

SPRINGWATER, Canada: (Pallasite). Found 1931.
Well, these pieces were really found around 2008 or so when a few well known meteorite guys went into the area and spent a bunch of time re-locating the strewn field. These are from a larger thicker slice that was broken up to make nice natural looking slices (these do indeed look like complete slices) for collectors. I asked for such as I had long since sold out of small pieces of this meteorite I had earlier. I should also say that these particular pieces have been run through a special stabilization process developed and run quite successfully (even on pieces of Admire!!!) by KD meteorites so they should hold up long term.
a) 5.8 grams – 22mm x 20mm x 4mm - $105
b) 9.3 grams – 28mm x 20mm x 4mm - $167
c) 13.6 grams – 30mm x 25mm x 4mm - $245
d) 29.6 grams – 55mm x 35mm x 4mm - $500
e) 69.0 grams – 83mm x 40mm x 5mm - $1100