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Blaine Reed Meteorites For Sale- List 207 July 11, 2017

Blaine Reed Meteorites For Sale- List 207

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July 11, 2017

Dear collectors,

Here is the fourth and final offering pulled together from a batch of material I recently got from a collector who has decided to trim his collection a bit. This is also likely to be my last offering for awhile this summer. My schedule has me out of town 3 to 4 days each week pretty much now until late August (Please be patient as internet connections and replies to requests may take a few days.). So, if I do come up with a few new things to offer, it will likely be towards the end of August.

Blaine Reed Meteorites For Sale List 207
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GAO, Burkina Faso: Ordinary chondrite (H5). Fell March 5, 1960.
These are all basically complete individuals, though each (except the smallest) has a broken surface or area of very light secondary crust (I’ll list the sizes of those areas on each below). These are definitely pieces that were picked up sometime after the fall as they all show some areas of orange/brown rust staining (but are mostly black crust otherwise). These all have nice shapes. Nothing exceptional but, perhaps, a better than most I’ve had.
1) Complete individuals as found:
a) 5.5 grams – 17mm x 15mm x 12mm - $10
b) 23.1 grams – 30mm x 22mm x 19mm - $35 (11mm x 15mm broken area).
c) 26.4 grams – 30mm x 20mm x 20mm - $40 (11mm x 10mm broken area).
d) 65.0 grams – 35mm x 30mm x 28mm - $95 (20mm x 5mm broken area)

IMPACTITE, Henbury Craters, Australia.
Now this (unlike the Henbury glass I offered on the last list) IS the typical impactite material I have had from this location in the past (though I have not had pieces very often). This is a foamy, vesicular rock that has a mix of orangish brown to nearly black areas. I considered cutting this in half (kind of neat to see little blebs of iron meteorite in impactites this way) but the highly vesicular nature made me think again. I remember the problems I had with crumbling when I tried to cut some of the pieces of this stuff I had in the past.
9.7gram fragment/ individual as found – 30mm x 25mm x 20mm - $15

INDOCHINITE: Tektite from Thailand.
Here are a few examples of what was definitely THE most commonly available tektite when I started business. These days though Indochinites are not all that common. Chinese tektites are what you see boxes and buckets of now and you find only a few Indochinites here and there. All of these show the typical Indochinite surface features: surface pitting and grooving that is generally far larger and far shallower than Chinese tektites. The two small pieces here are pretty typical shapes. The big one is really quite large for an Indochinite (I have had very few over 100g in all my years) and a neat long tongue-like shape. This one has some surface chipping (the photo was taken with this side facing up, so with careful inspection this should be visible) but is a really cool specimen none the less.
a) 50.5 gram slightly flattened round specimen –40mm x 40mm x 20mm - $10
b) 50.5 gram thin oval specimen – 57mm x 45mm x 12mm - $10
c) 154.9 gram tongue-shaped specimen – 115mm x 40mm x 20mm - $45

This is actually a really nice piece. It is roughly triangular shaped, has no fresh/ recent broken edges or chips to speak of (investigating with a magnifying glass might reveal some micro chipping I suppose). This also has nice detailed etching covering all surfaces. This is not “Museum grade” (think Besidnice locality pieces here) but better than what I usually have.
7.8 gram nice natural individual – 33mm x 25mm x 6mm - $50

NWA (787): (L6).
I can’t find any records on this one. This is a bookend cut piece that has “NWA 787” written in black sharpie on one of the cut faces. It comes in a bag that has a sticker saying “NWA 787, L6, 46 grams” and then “1160649604 (UCLA?)” written in ink on the bag. This is quite fresh. The interior is mostly light to medium gray (and shows lots of metal) with some minor hints of light brown rust staining. The exterior has thick black crust that shows some light wind polishing. This is a nice meteorite. Too bad it (apparently) never got fully reported.
18.6 gram ½ end piece/ bookend cut – 32mm x 18mm x 16mm - $15

NWA (unstudied): Carbonaceous chondrite (likely CK).
This is a piece that I actually found rattling around my office, not part of the stuff I got from Canada (I actually have no idea how/ why I have it, honestly). I know it is from one of my usual sources as it has his cataloging numbers on it. We (he and I) tried to look it up in his database but did not find anything. Regardless, this is a fairly nice little cut fragment. The interior shows very few dark gray to nearly black chondrules in greenish gray matrix (this is likely a CK5). The backside is all older natural fracture surfaces with black chondrules poking out. A great specimen for someone that wants to own a fairly fresh cheap example of a CK.
9.1 gram cut fragment – 28mm x 25mm x 9mm - $55

ODESSA, Texas: Coarse octahedrite (IAB). Found 1923.
Not quite sure what to make of this one. My first impression (just looking at it) is that It looks like it might be largely oxide /shale, but its weight and strong magnetic attraction says that it is pretty much all iron. Its shape is also a bit different. It has a distinctly rounded edges shape unlike most Odessas I have seen this size. It has some cracking but seems quite solid. As it has been in a humid area for years and shows no visible damage from it, I am pretty certain that this is a stable piece. Odessas (of any variety) are hard to come by these days.
58.8 gram mostly iron individual as found – 34mm x 30mm x 27mm - $75