Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Blaine Reed Meteorites For Sale - List 204 - Dalgaranga, New Orleans and more

Blaine Reed Meteorites For Sale - List 204 - Dalgaranga, New Orleans and more

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May 16, 2017

Dear Collectors,
Here is a small selection of some interesting things I recently got from a collector who has decided to trim his collection a bit.

ALLENDE, Mexico: Carbonaceous chondrite (CV3.2). Fell February 8, 1969.
This is a nice complete black crusted individual. It does have some of the edge chipping of the crust as is the case with pretty much every Allende I have seen, but quite a bit less than most. This piece is mounted (using poster tack maybe) in a small plastic display box.
12.6 gram complete individual – 29mm x 20mm x 15mm - $150

DALGARANGA, Australia: Stony-iron (Mesosiderite). Found 1923. Tkw = 10kg.
I have not had a piece of Dalgaranga in a long time and much of the stuff I had earlier was probably the most commonly available shale/ oxide fragments. This one is not oxide. It has a brown rusted exterior but I am certain that if one were inclined to do so, cutting it open would reveal a fresh mesosiderite interior. However I certainly would suggest NOT doing that as this is a labeled Nininger specimen AND comes with its proper American Meteorite Lab label. It is interesting that on this card it has the “total known weight” as only “1.1kg of unoxidized”. I know more has been found since this label was made but I do think that the unoxidized stuff is quite rare.
4.3gram Nininger labeled fragment – 15mm x 15mm x 5mm - $200

HENBURY, Australia: Medium octahedrite (IIIAB). Found 1931.
This is an assortment of better than average specimens. They all have obvious shrapnel shapes/ characteristics (not the usual rounded but semi-flat lumps many Henburys are). The two largest are particularly nice (the 52.3gram one has a larger scale nice thumb-printed kind of sculpting to it). These are all natural as found and priced a bit below what I have seen other similar Henbury specimens go for at shows recently.
1) Natural individuals:
a) 11.4 grams – 30mm x 13mm x 9mm - $19
b) 43.3 grams – 38mm x 23mm x 10mm - $69
c) 52.6 grams – 42mm x 30mm x 11mm - $82
d) 62.4 grams – 50mm x 30mm x 10mm - $94

NEW ORLEANS, Louisiana: (H5). Fell September 23, 2003. Tkw = 19,265 grams.
This stone fell completely through a house. After the fall, the home-owner scraped up the fragments and bits of meteorite he found laying about the house (that had broken off as the meteorite passed through floors and walls). He wouldn’t let anyone investigate the situation for some time after the fall (more than a week I think) and claimed that the small hand full or so of fragments were all that there was to this event (not bothering to think about the ramifications of the bowling ball plus size hole through the floor). Anyway, there was indeed a substantial amount more material (the main mass) waiting to be found under the house. Unfortunately, the meteorite broke a pipe as it fell (I am not certain what kind of pipe but I have my suspicions I don’t really want to fully know) so water was spilling into the hole, onto the meteorite for however long it was before it was finally recovered. So, most of this material spent time in water and mud, unfortunately. I sold a fair amount of this material years ago (probably back in 2004 and 2005 maybe) and I recall that pretty much all the pieces looked like this one – angular fragments that show a fair amount of light orange coloration from rust staining. One plus to this piece (that many of the smaller pieces I sold those years ago lacked) is that this one does have a patch of fusion crust (12mm x 9mm) on one end. I think this piece is priced pretty close to what I was selling those earlier pieces for years ago.
7.0 gram fragment with crust – 20mm x 17mm x 11mm - $400

NUEVO MERCURIO, Mexico: (H5). Fell December 15, 1978. Tkw = 9+ kilograms.
I am pretty certain that Nuevo was my very first crusted stone. It would have been a nice fresh individual as this is but about a bit smaller than this one (got it from Robert Haag back when I was a starving college student). Anyway, this stone is a nice individual that is almost completely covered in nice thick black fusion crust (that shows some contraction cracking as most Nuevos do). There is one small (7mm x 3mm) late fall chip on one end (that is actually a really, really light secondary crust if look with good magnification) that shows a medium gray interior that has an interesting sandy texture to it.
8.5 gram complete individual – 25mm x 15mm x 12mm - $100

SIKHOTE-ALIN, Russia: Coarsest octahedrite (IIB). Fell February 12, 1947.
This is a really nice shrapnel fragment that has been only lightly cleaned so it has a more original as found dark chocolate brown coloration rather than the black and shin metal look of the typical shrapnel pieces available. This has a nice classic torn and stretch-marked shape and surface textures. I think this is the largest Sikhote I have (of any shape, texture or cleaning level).
602.9 gram shrapnel fragment – 95mm x 65mm x 28mm - $450