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Blaine Reed Meteorites For Sale - List 179

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…………………………………………………..LIST 179

October 14, 2015

Dear collectors,

                Here is the e-mail version of my mailed after Denver list (that many of you are now also receiving by mail). The show was quite slow foot traffic wise, but sales seemed to hold up well and ended at somewhat above average. Not bad considering the stock market gyrations we have had lately as well. I did pick up a few items at the show but mostly just usual inventory items as “new” stuff (mostly unstudied) was generally quite richly priced (even though the dollar is up substantially against most other currencies). New Mexico Mineral Symposium, Socorro, New Mexico: I’ll be out of town from November 11th through about the 18th (weather conditions will determine). I will have a room set up at the Socorro Comfort Inn (1259 Frontage Rd. NW) supposedly room 119, but this could change. I should be set up and open Friday afternoon (the 13th) until late (11PM or so) and then open Saturday from around 5PM until late once more.  

GEBEL KAMIL, Egypt: Ni-rich ataxite. Found 2009. Tkw = about 1600 kilograms.
Here are some generally larger pieces of this meteorite that created a crater in its fall around 5000 years ago. This event was likely witnessed by people, as debris from the impact partially cover a trade route through the area.  I had thought about not putting these on a mailed list again as I have already offered similar pieces in the not too distant past (though at a somewhat higher price). However, every time I put pieces of this out at shows, they tend to sell rapidly, so collectors seem to still be interested in pieces of this meteorite. Also, my first offerings were all quite small specimens. I am offering a few such here, but now is a chance to get a substantial sized piece of this interesting and increasingly famous meteorite. These are all natural shrapnel fragments. They have been air/ soda blasted to remove loose dirt but are otherwise left as found.
1) Shrapnel pieces:
a)  67.6 grams - 45mm x 28mm x 12mm - $50
b) 141.6 grams - 65mm x 26mm x 21mm - $105
c) 291.7 grams - 75mm x 50mm x 18mm - $210
d) 624.4 grams - 100mm x 55mm x 23mm - $440
e) 1158.3 grams - 80mm x 80mm x 30mm - $800
f) 1632.8 grams - 150mm x 70mm x 40mm - $1100

BUZZARD COULEE, Canada: (H4), S2, W0. Fell November 20, 2008. Tkw = over 41kg.
I picked up a small batch of nice little individuals at a show awhile back and then set them aside, kind of forgetting about them (they were so small and a small amount so I kind of ignored them). The fireball of this fall was witnessed across a huge area; Alberta, Manitoba and Saskatchewan. Thankfully, all sky cameras and security cameras caught the fall. From these, and some eyewitness accounts, a likely fall area was calculated. Seven days after the fall, some meteorites were recovered on top of a frozen pond in the calculated fall area. Many more pieces have been found since. I am not sure when these particular pieces were recovered but they do seem to be very fresh. Some have some hints of dirt but otherwise show fresh black crust with only the tinniest hints of browning (if any). Nice little individuals.
1)       Complete individuals as found:
a) .46 grams - 8mm x 5mm x 5mm - $15
b) .83 grams - 8mm x 8mm x 6mm - $25
c) 1.23 grams - 13mm x 7mm x 6mm - $33
d) 1.60 grams - 15mm x 9mm x 7mm - $40

NWA (7002): Ordinary chondrite (LL6), S2, W2. Purchased September 2011. Tkw = 53 grams.
Here is a neat little fully published main mass of a somewhat rarer type priced well below what it would normally cost me to just get the thing classified! The exterior has the usual wind-polishing but still retains a somewhat sculpted meteorite shape (with the larger smoother side showing remnants of contraction cracks). The interior is quite fresh, showing fresh metal and sulfides (but not a lot – this is truly a low iron LL) in a brecciated light tan (almost orange) to light brown matrix.
                43.5 gram individual with end cut off – 30mm x 22mm x 33mm - sold

NWA (10063): Ordinary chondrite (L3), S3, W2. Found 2014. Tkw = 920 grams.
Well, here it is; my first NWA meteorite that is now one number longer. It seems the researchers skipped most (all?) of the NWA (9000) range and jumped right to 10K recently. This meteorite is one that Steve Arnold sent me a piece of to get my opinion on whether or not I thought it might be a type 3. I said it certainly LOOKED like one but I could not be absolutely certain. I have often been “burned” by type 4s that were supposed to be (and certainly looked like) type 3s and the seller of this was pricing it as a type 3. There was something like 3kg or so of this available originally. Buy the time we sorted out that this WAS indeed really a type 3 (and a fairly low one at that – something between 3.4 and 3.6) only 900g of this stuff was left to purchase. I got around 400 grams that I have cut up to offer here. This is quite fresh, showing LOTS of chondrules and fresh metal in a light gray to tan matrix. I do have some end pieces available as well. The weights on those are: 14.4g, 45.8g, 57.3g and are priced at $3.50/ grams.
1)       Slices:
a) 3.1 grams - 25mm x 16mm x 3mm - $13
b) 6.5 grams - 28mm x 25mm x 3mm - $26
c) 14.5 grams - 40mm x 30mm x 4mm - $55 – complete slice.
d) 36.1 grams - 55mm x 50mm x 4mm - $130 – complete slice
e) 53.7 grams - 65mm x 60mm x 4mm - $190 – complete slice. Has interesting 18mm x 10mm melt pocket/ inclusion. 

NWA (8160): Carbonaceous chondrite. (CV3). Found before September 2013. Tkw = 5.3 kilograms.
I got a 3.5kg or so sack of mostly small fragments of this at the Denver Show. I wish I could have gotten more and bigger pieces after cutting some of this though. It is quite nice inside. The background is fairly light gray, making the chondrules and the common, often quite large CAI’s show very nicely. This has some weathering to it, but this seems to have only made some of the chondrules turn various shades of orange giving this stuff even greater visual appeal.
1)       Cut fragments:
a) 2.3 grams - 17mm x 17mm x 5mm - $12
b) 5.1 grams - 23mm x 15mm x 6mm - $25
c) 11.1 grams - 25mm x 22mm x 10mm - $55
d) 15.4 grams - 40mm x 27mm x 8mm - $75
e) 20.5 grams - 42mm x 30mm x 8mm - $100
f) 25.0 grams - 43mm x 32mm x 8mm - $125
g) 33.7 grams - 43mm x 30mm x 18mm - $160

DHOFAR (836), Oman. Achondrite (Ureilite). Found August 15, 2000. Tkw = 995 grams.
I got this from Steve Arnold in Tucson after he paid some really stupid low price for it in an auction. Steve was worried that he might be selling me the “only easy to cut ureilite” he has ever had. He needn’t have worried. Though this stone is oddly labeled as “low shock, S1” in the bulletin, it was anything but easy to prepare. I trashed a half dozen or so blades and finished off the last of my diamond polishing belts in cutting and preparing this stuff. I finally won the battle, but it took many days of work to complete. This did turn out nice though. I didn’t put a high polish on it so the individual grains show clearly.
1)       Slices:
a) 1.1 grams - 15mm x 7mm x 3mm - $28
b) 2.2 grams - 18mm x 18mm x 3mm - $55
c) 3.0 grams - 25mm x 15mm x 3mm - $75
d) 5.0 grams - 28mm x 24mm x 3mm - $120
e) 8.1 grams - 35mm x 25mm x 4mm - $180
2)       End piece:
a) 16.3 grams - 30mm x 20mm x 18mm - $325
d) 6.8 grams - 30mm x 20mm x 5mm - $100
e) 12.8 grams - 45mm x 24mm x 6mm - $180 

IMPACTITE: Lake Wanapitei, Sudbury, Ontario, Canada.
I got these in Tucson over a year ago and then forgot I had them (they were tucked into a small padded envelope). These are mostly 20gram or so thick slices and cut fragments of  “Suevite” from the Lake Wanapitei crater. This crater is 5.2 miles in diameter and estimated to be 37.2 million years old. These pieces show varying amounts if clasts in a light greenish background. Most of these have not been highly polished (the material is too soft) but spray-coated to bring out the colors and features better, as a high polish would.
                20+ gram slice or end piece (state your preference) - $20

Please note:
 Shipping:  For small US orders $3 should still be fine for now. Larger orders are now $12 (insurance is extra if desired – I’ll look it up if you want it). Overseas prices have gone up A LOT the past couple years. Now small overseas orders are around $9 (I’ll have to custom quote any larger items/ orders). Thankfully, it seems that the rate for registration (recommended on more valuable overseas orders) is still around $12.

                I do have a new fax machine that seems to work (but I have to answer it and manually turn it on), so overseas people can contact me that way if they must  However, for overseas orders, it probably is best to go ahead and use my e-mail.