Thursday, 2 April 2015

Blaine Reed Meteorites For Sale- List 171 April 2015

Blaine Reed Meteorites For Sale- List 171 April 2015

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April 2, 2015

Dear Collectors,

Here is yet another offering in my “after Tucson” series. I know, this is going out a bit early. It should have been saved for next Tuesday but I will be busy then.

BRENHAM, Kansas: (Pallasite). Found 1885.
Here is a rusty little slice that came from a collection I picked up over a year ago (and tried to sell intact at a few shows). It is one that I sold the previous owner probably 20 plus years ago. It is sealed in a “seal a meal” pouch as Glenn Huss had taught me back then (this piece likely came from him before I sold it). Still shows some metal and crystals, but not much of a display piece.
17.7 gram part slice – 25mm x 26mm x 7mm - $20

CANYON DIABLO, Arizona: Graphite nodule.
Here is a specimen I picked up in Tucson. It is a complete piece that has been nicely cleaned to show the metallic gray of the graphite but yet leaves some rusty brown coloration in the deeper areas. A quite pleasing specimen.
275.5 gram individual – 65mm x 60mm x 45mm - $400

GEBEL KAMIL, Egypt: Ni-rich ataxite. Found 2008. Tkw = about 1600 kilograms.
I got this piece along with a small collection of other irons during the Tucson show (the others sold at the show – I forgot about this one until too late). It is a nice natural flatish oriented looking piece (conical with some radiating striations that is. Shrapnel can’t really be oriented).
131.0 gram natural individual – 65mm x 38mm x 15mm - $100

INDOCHINITE: Muong Nong type.
This is a specimen that the previous owner picked up from Bethany Sciences. This is a piece of the layered tektite material that is believed to have formed by surface melt glass pooling in lower areas (near the source crater, which we still have no idea exactly where it is). This small (for this material anyway) piece shows some really nice flow structure/ features (particularly nice on one side). The Bethany Sciences “Certificate of Authenticity” with this has the location as Ubonratch-Thani, Thailand.
38.0 gram fragment as found – 50mm x 25mm x 18mm - $20

NWA 998: Martian (Nakhlite). Found before September 2001. Tkw = 456 grams.
Nakhlites are definitely one of the most difficult meteorite types to acquire. Not surprisingly as there are only 14 total reported (and I suspect that that “many” of the Antartic and NWA ones are probably paired). Most of these have well below 1kg total known weights. Anyway, I picked up a few pieces of probably the easiest Nakhlite to locate in Tucson. I have been told that the original sources on this have very little remaining. I suspect that they sold a lot of it back when it was announced that this meteorite was found to contain Martin carbonate minerals in it – indicating that water flowed through this at some point while it was still on Mars.
1) Fragments in membrane box:
a) .05 grams – 5mm x 3mm x 2mm - $75
b) .16 grams – 8mm x 6mm x 3mm - $240
c) .30 grams – 8mm x 7mm x 4mm - $450

NWA 1941, Algeria/ Morocco. Found June 2003. Tkw = 16kilograms.
This is a piece I was surprised to see in the collection it came with. Pretty much everything else with it was clearly stuff the previous owner bought 20 plus years ago (much of it frm me). Not sure where he got this one. Regardless, it is pretty nice. It is a small square cut piece that shows lots of nice metal and troilite inclusions in a dark greenish-gray matrix.
2.76 gram part slice – 17mm x 17mm x 3mm - $10

SANTA CLARA, Mexico: Ni-rich ataxite (IVB). Found 1976. Tkw = 63 kilograms.
Here is a little elongate bar of this probably hard to get meteorite (I don’t recall having a piece of it anytime in the near past). It appears that the previous owner bought this way back in December of 1993. At least that what the NEMS (New England Meteoritical Services) “Certificate of Authenticity” seems to indicate. This piece also comes with its original NEMS label as well. One specimen, two labels.
6.38 gram ‘slice” – 16mm x 7mm x 7mm - $60