Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Blaine Reed Meteorites For Sale - List 160 - yet more small rarities

Blaine Reed Meteorites For Sale - List 160 - yet more small rarities

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September 23, 2014

Dear collectors,

Here is yet another selection of small, hard to get witnessed falls from an old research collection. I got these right before leaving for the Denver show and did not have time to process them until I got back. I have also added a few tiny little scraps I got at the show.

ATARRA, India: (L4), black. Fell December 23, 1920. Tkw = 1.28 kilograms.
I think I had a few much smaller crumbs of this some months ago (they would have been from the same source). This is a small part slice that has black crust along one edge. The interior is fresh and and shows metal and chondrules quite clearly.
.48 gram part slice – 7mm x 5mm x 5mm - $100  -SOLD

BILANGA, Burkina Faso: (Diogenite). Fell October 27, 1999. Tkw = 25+ kilograms.
This is some fragments (about 3mm x 3mm x 2mm) in a capsule in a small labeled plastic box.
Crumbs in a capsule - $10

HOLBROOK, Arizona: (L/LL6): Fell July 19, 1912.
This is a somewhat weathered fragment from a research collection. It appears that a substantial portion of the piece was used up in what ever work was being done on it as the label indicates that it originally weighed around 9.8 grams. The label also indicates that this piece was found November 8th, 1968. Nothing special, but interesting in its history.
2.6 gram fragment – 14mm x 11mm x 10mm - $40

MERUA, India: (H5). Fell February 2, 1945. Tkw = 71.4 kilograms.
This is a bottle that contains three fragments (two around 4mm x 3mm and one closer to 7mm x 4mm) and some dust. I recall, from an earlier offering of a few pieces of this meteorite, that all but a tiny hand full of this meteorite is tied up in museum collections.
1.2 grams fragments and dust in bottle - $100

NEWPORT, Arkansas: (Pallasite). Found 1923. Tkw = 5.6 kilograms.
This is a small cut fragment that is mostly metal but shows some bits of olivine (this was an old research collection piece and I suspect the “work” was done on the olivine from this piece). Regardless, this is a very difficult to find meteorite. I suspect that many (most?) pallasite collectors have not gotten a piece of this name yet.
.36 gram cut fragment – 10mm x 5mm x 4mm - $100  -SOLD

OURIQUE, Portugal: (H4). Fell December 28, 1998. Tkw = 20+ kilograms.
I don’t think I ever have had any of this. I know the few pieces that made into collector’s hands were quite high priced. Unfortunately, this is just a few small fragments (probably equivalent to around 3mm x 3mm x1mm or so) in a capsule. Nothing special, but a cheap way to add a “new” fall to a collection.
Small fragments in capsule - $10

PEACE RIVER, Canada: (L6). Fell March 31, 1963. Tkw = 45.76 kilograms.
These are all fragments with out crust, unfortunately. BUT then these are the only pieces I have had of this
meteorite in any form for many years. I think the piece that was in the “micro” collection I out together years ago was also a no crust fragment like these. Crust or not, this is hard material to come by.
1.0 gram fragment – 10mm x 9mm x 7mm - $30 -SOLD
1.4 gram fragment – 12mm x 11mm x 6mm - $42 -SOLD
4.8 gram fragment – 16mm x 16mm x 8mm - $140 -SOLD

ST. MICHEL, Finland: (L6). Fell July 12, 1910. Tkw = 16.452 kilograms.
This is a wedge part slice that I received just before going to Denver for the show. This has one natural edge (no crust, unfortunately). The interior though shows a really nice breccia texture with lighter mottled
tan and gray clasts in a dark gray matrix. Looks nice fo an old chopped up research specimen.
13.5 gram part slice – 40mm x 20mm x 5mm - $270  -SOLD

SHALKA, India: (Diogenite). Fell November 30, 1850.
Here is a small crumb (around 2mm x 1mm x 1mm) in a capsule in a box with a M Blood Meteorites label.
Crumb in capsule - $10

VACA MUERTA, Chile: (mesosiderite). Found 1861.
This is a small part slice that had a label (that says Vaca Muerta, 9.5 grams, Me1300) taped to it (well, now with it as the tape has torn free). The natural edge of the piece has all kinds of numbers marked/ painted on it. I can make out 255, 215. And Me 1300. I have no clue, unfortunately, what these numbers are or what old collections they might represent.
9.6 gram part slice with old numbers – 20mmx 15mm x 11mm - $50-SOLD

VIGARANO, Italy: Carbonaceous (CV3.3). Fell June 22, 1910.
Here is a sample of the meteorites that give the CVs the V in their type name. This is bottle (with an old label) that contains one large fragment a couple smaller and a bit of dust.
.36 grams of fragments and dust in bottle - $50 -SOLD