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Blaine Reed Meteorites- Meteorites For Sale List 144

Blaine Reed Meteorites- Meteorites For Sale List 144

Dear Collectors,
I know, This was supposed to go out yesterday. I was out of town most of the day though and had no chance to pull anything together until today. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a lot to offer at the moment and considered simply skipping an offering. However, I DID have these things waiting to e put on a list at some point. AND I will be doing inventory work soon – a many days effort that I dread each year but often turns up things I forgot I had (along with I want to sell off the last pieced or two of some things so I no longer have to keep track of it in the books) that probably will keep offerings supplie3d (time allowing) for the rest of the year.

CANYON DIABLO, Arizona. Iron. Coarse octahedrite.
Here is a 12 piece lot of some small but really interesting, sculpture like shaped pieces. I had thought of cataloging them up and offering them one at a time but decided to sell them as a lot so someone else could do this (and possibly make a good deal of money on E-Bay or such in the process). These could also be, obviously, just added to your collection for visual appeal as well.
12 “art” pieces totaling 72.6 grams - $90

NWA (unstudied):
This is a bit over ½ (2/3 perhaps) of what was an oriented individual. The front is obviously domed and the back is flatter with a hint of a roll-over rim around areas of the edge. The natural break is certainly old and looks like it is probably lightly crusted but I can’t certain that it is as much of this area (and the back side ) is fairly wind-polished. Thankfully, the front side is in pretty good shape (was likely buried most of the time after the fall) so the crust is a bit darker and in pretty good shape (some hints of flow lines present).
. 140.9 gram oriented ½ individual – 60mm x 40mm x 28mm - $70

NWA (753): (R3.9). Found January 2001. Tkw = about 12 kilograms.
Here is a large (for this stuff) end piece. This is a quite fresh meteorite but it was found as many, mostly small, fragments. Many of the larger pieces were also highly fractured and don’t cut well. This piece is clearly a fragment from a larger piece (broken apart by freeze-thaw perhaps) but it is nice and solid 9and could be cut up into slices – something I had contemplated doing and my yet if this does not sell as is). The interior shows very light, nearly white chondrules in a light gray matrix. There is a lot of what looks to be lightly oxidized metal as well. However, this is not metal (as all of the iron in this meteorite is tied up in the minerals, making it non responsive to even a very strong magnet) but rather iron sulfides (mostly troilite). An interesting type meteorite that very little of is seen anymore.
44.4 gram end piece – 33mm x 23mm x 20mm - $475

NWA (1908): Cumulate Eucrite. Found January 2002. Tkw = 980 grams.
This was a single stone that Mike Farmer picked up on one of his investor sponsored trips to Morocco. I was a “member” on this one and received some of this directly myself 9and soon sold it all). I got this from another one of the “investors’ that had it sitting aside or many years doing nothing but collecting dust. It was an odd shaped quasi-slice (so it didn’t display very well anyway) that I have since cut up into nice small slices. This is very fresh material. It shows “salt and pepper” textured clasts in a finer very light gray matrix.
1) Slices:
a) 2.1 grams – 23mm x 12mm x 3mm - $30
b) 3.3 grams – 30mm x 13mm x 3mm - $45
c) 8.4 grams – 35mm x 27mm x 4mm - $110
d) 13.1 grams – 60mm x 28mm x 4mm - $165

These are a few really nice shaped pieces I had set aside (time to move them before I accidentally damage them). They are nice teardrop, Hershey’s kiss shaped pieces (one of each and one that is in between. I have only these three pieces at the moment).
a) 19.3 gram Hershey’s kiss shaped individual. 37mm long, base is 25mm x 25mm - $15
b) 19.6 gram teardrop/ Hershey’s kiss individual. 50mm long, base 25mm x 22mm - $12
c) 35.2 gram teardrop. 55mm long, base 30mm x 25mm - $12

This is a nice piece that came in as part of a collection that was other glasses (mostly Fulgurites – see below). This is a better quality piece so it is quite clear (though there is some internal banding visible). This is an irregular/ angular piece (interesting shape0 but there are no recent chips or breaks (so its shape is “natural”. This has two different cars/ labels with it.
14.4 gram natural fragment – 40mm x 30mm x 12mm - $30

FULGURITES: Lightning fussed sand.
Here is a neat lot of like 14 pieces from 4 different localities I had thought about breaking up into individual pieces for sale. I decided that I just don’t have the time to do this right now (they are fairly small for the most part and there would be a fair amount time involved to bag, label, weigh, measure and list these individually). So, I’ll try offering them as a lot for some one to add to their collection (a surprising number of meteorite people also seem to like weird things like fulgurites. I have several larger piece in my collection). The localities and such are; Libyan Desert – 8 pcs 17.3 grams, Uruguay – 2 pcs 8.1 grams, Oregon – 2 pcs 3.2 grams, Arizona – 2 pcs 2.1 grams. All of these have labels of some sort a couple have David Shannon (a famous mineral dealer from Arizona who passed away a number of years ago) labels as well.
Lot of 14 pieces, 4 different localities - $50

TRINITITE: Glass formed by the first nuclear explosion, Trinity, New Mexico, July 16, 1945.
I wish I had known I had this piece a couple weeks ago. I just did a show in Socorro, NM and had several people ask for “larger” pieces of this (I have only small one gram or so pieces left in the inventory I had with me). Apparently the local shops down there are asking something like $30/g for this stuff (a clear cut case of “local appreciation effect” making the price of something higher as you get closer to the origin area). This piece has a bunch of labels/ info cards with it (5 I think).
3.7 grams – 28mm x 22mm x 10mm - $20

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