Sunday, 2 September 2012

Blaine Reed Meteorites - List 126. Denver show SEP2012 info and some meteorites

Blaine Reed Meteorites - List 126. Denver show SEP2012 info and some meteorites

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September 2, 2012

Dear Collectors,

I am sending this out a couple days early as I will soon (in just a few days!) be heading off to the Denver show. I am leaving a couple days early as I have some other things I need to do (and people to visit) before I get stuck in my room for the remainder of the trip. I will be gone from the morning of September 8th until September 18th.

I will be in my usual show location; Room 224 however the hotel has changed names. It is now Ramada Plaza - Denver Central. It is still 4849 Bannock Street, Denver, CO 80216 for those of you that might be using a GPS to navigate to the show. I will try to have my room open by noon on Tuesday (the 11th). I say try as I have been warned that my room may have been "remodeled" as part of the hotel name change. I really fear these kinds of things. It takes a lot of time and effort to set up a semi-functional room/ display around the (in general) over clutter of furniture that hotels like to stuff the rooms with. So, this year (after 25 years of knowing what I had to do), I may be back at zero in setting up this year (I just pray my tables will still fit). Anyway, I will be in the room from 10am to around 10pm each day for the rest of the show. I will likely go to the COMETS party/ auction on Friday at 6 or 7pm and I will start packing things down around 5pm on Sunday (pretty much my usual schedule).

BASSIKOUNOU, Mauritania: (H5). Fell October 16, 2006. Tkw = around 80 kilograms.
Now here is a specimen that literally looks like it was picked up right after the fall. This is an absolutely pristine complete individual. This does not have a lot in the way of flow lines but it does have a general conical shape to it ("E-Bay oriented" perhaps). The previous owner of this beauty paid over $600 for this years ago. Pieces this nice are certainly hard to come by these days.
103.4 gram complete individual – 45mm x 40mm x 27mm - $470

CANYON DIABLO, Arizona: Coarse octahedrite (IAB).
Here is a nice lightly brushed individual. It has a cow paddy shape (round and squat) BUT with nice sculpting to it (larger scale thumb-printing and nice thin ridges around the edge). Not exceptional but nice for a popular meteorite that has become very hard to come by lately (my usual sources say "no more available" these days).
1141.9 gram lightly brushed individual – 90mm x 80mm x 30mm - $740

DALGETY DOWNS, Australia: (L4). Found 1941. Tkw = 473 kilograms.
I got this material a couple years ago while in Socorro and completely forgot about it. This is interesting looking stuff. It shows a good amount of metal and sulfides in a brown and gray mottled matrix. I have some other pieces of Dalgety Downs stashed away somewhere but these look to be a bit fresher (I think these were taken from a large piece and my other pieces were all smaller fragments and subject to slightly greater weathering internally).
1) Slices:
a) 18.2 grams – 47mm x 25mm x 5mm - $45
b) 30.0 grams – 55mm x 30mm x 5mm - $75
2) End piece:
a) 82.6 grams – 60mm x 30mm x 20mm - $190

IMILAC,Chile: (Pallasite). Found 1922.
These are some of the small angular "shrapnel" individuals that have sandy yellow to pinkish orange crystals in their deep pockets. I think I got these from Steve Arnold many years ago (well before he hit the road of fame anyway). I had these on my "regular" catalog for years but recently pulled them as I had so very few remaining (and Seymchan slices make for a better representative pallasite anyway).
1) Shrapnel "individuals" as found:
a) 3.7 grams – 13mm x 13mm x 8mm - $19
b) 5.1 grams – 18mm x 15mm x 6mm - $26
c) 6.7 grams – 20mm x 11mm x 10mm - $34

JUANCHENGE, China: (H5). Fell February 15, 1997. Tkw = 100+ kilograms.
These are some nice individuals that were likely fairly early recoveries (only some minor browning in areas on some). All of these are basically complete individuals though there are some minor chips on some and others have areas of light secondary crust (that may superficially have the appearance of a break but closer inspection does reveal the presence o fusion crust). I got these (along with the one that I offered earlier that had a label) in a trade from Alan Lang. Unfortunately, I got only one label and that went with the earlier listed piece.
1) Individuals:
a) 5.7 grams – 16mm x 15mm x 11mm - $26
b) 7.1 grams – 17mm x 15mm x 12mm - $32
c) 9.7 grams – 20mm x 15mm x 12mm - $44
d) 12.5 grams – 23mm x 20mm x 11mm - $56
e) 14.1 grams – 28mm x 22mm x 12mm - $63

NWA (801): Carbonaceous chondrite (CR2). Found 2000. Tkw = 5+ kilograms.
This is a complete slice of a fragment. This has quite a bit of metal, both round blebs or metal chondrules and as armoring around many of the chondrules. This also has an interesting large chondrule/ inclusion (roughly 5mm x 6mm). This is in a plastic display box and comes with a Farmer label.
4.4 gram slice – 30mm x 20mm x 3mm - $100

NWA (6454); L-melt rock. Found before February 2005. Tkw = 300 grams.
I only got a small amount of this strange material. This has a light gray interior with some black shock lines and lots of round to elongate metal/ triolite blebs. Very interesting and different. I recall seeing something like this at a Denver show years ago being sold as an achondrite for around $100/g (unfortunately, I cannot recall the NWA number on that material.
1) Slices:
a) 1.9 grams – 22mm x 16mm x 2mm - $40
b) 4.1 grams – 31mm x 27mm x 2mm - $82
c) 9.8 grams – 38mm x 31mm x 3mm - $180 – complete slice.

COPROLITE: Fossilized dung.
I had someone ask me to pick up a piece of this for them at one of the shows (perhaps a year and a half ago, don't remember) but then failed to take it when I got home (I am really starting to think that I will NOT be taking special requests anymore. The track record is something like 30%,I think, of those special requests being honored/ accepted when I do find the asked for material). Anyway, this is a nice piece that looks pretty much like a piece of dung should. I don't think this is really dinosaur doo (those tend to be more nondescript chunks) but nice (and certainly NOT fresh) none the less.
127.1 grams – 60mm x 35mm x 30mm - $25