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Blaine Reed Meteorites List 117 (finally) - after Tucson stuff.

Blaine Reed Meteorites List 117 (finally) - after Tucson stuff.
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February 23, 2011

Dear Collectors,
Here is my first "after Tucson" offering. I really did plan on having this put on time (spent a good chunk of Monday preparing it), but I have been without phone or inter-net for several days (from Saturday until Wednesday evening). It seems that a careless driver (obviously in a large vehicle) ran over and completely demolished the phone connection box that serves my area (and since I had a slow version of DSL I lost e-mail capabilities as well). Any way, this is the first of "buy it before I return it to the consignor" offerings (there will be several more). All of this belongs to a single collector in Montana who is planning to move out of the country soon, so these will not be available for a real long time. This is also part of the reason I am making this such a large offering as well, need to "be done with it" as soon as possible.

DHOFAR (007), Oman: (eucrite). Found December, 1999. Tkw = 21,270 grams.
Here is a complete individual of this interesting meteorite. It does have some chipped areas (kind of resembling Allende) and some adhering dirt (this has not been cleaned in any way) but is none the less a distinctly complete stone. This eucrite appears to be from the parent body of the Mesosiderites rather than Vesta.
46.3 gram individual – 50mm x 30mm x 22mm - $500

DHOFAR (1180), Oman. Lunar feldspathic breccia. Found Jan 18, 2005. Tkw = 115grams.
This is a small individual/ fragment found with the main mass of this interesting material. This is the stuff that looks VERY much like the Dhofar (018) howardite in cut pieces but this is (as my XRF showed) Lunar and (018) is howardite. This is a rare chance to own a "complete" (natural) Lunar specimen.
.474 gram "individual" – 10mm x 7mm x 4mm - $850

ISHEYEVO, Russia. Carbonaceous, Bencubbinite (CBb). Found 2003. Tkw = 16kg.
This is a natural fragment with a polished face. This face shows LOTS of metal (looking more like an iron meteorite than technically a chondrite).
12.5 gram end piece – 30mm x 17mm x 6mm - $750

IVUNA, Tanzania: Carbonaceous (CI1). Fell December 16, 1938. Tkw = 705 grams.
This is a nice solid piece of this rare, generally crumbly material. This type material most closely matches the sun in composition and is believed to have (likely) condensed directly from the primordial solar nebula.
.49 gram fragment – 9mm x 9mm x 5mm - $850

NWA (482); Lunar anorthositic breccia. Found before January 9, 2001. Tkw = 1015grams.
This is a particularly nice piece of this meteorite. Though it is only a relatively small specimen, it shows a really nice texture; with lots of black shock veins and breccia fragments in a nearly white background. This, also comes with an envelope full of interesting associated items (labels, certificates, stamps, postcards).
.190 gram slice – 9mm x 7mm x 1mm - $400

NWA (801); Carbonaceous (CR2). Found 2000. Tkw = around 5 kilos.
This is probably the nicest piece of one of my favorite type meteorites. Normally I prefer to see cut pieces of this material (which shows lots of metal rimmed chondrules) but this piece is a complete individual with really nice (pretty much complete – a couple small chipped areas) crust.
11.98 gram complete individual – 30mm x 18mm x 13mm - $300

NWA (998): Martian (Nakhlite). Found September 2001. Tkw = 456 grams.
This is a fragment on the lager side of those I have had over the years (no crust, unfortunately). This, like the NWA (482) above, comes with an envelope full of interesting things; stamps, info cards, labels, stamps and certificates.
.340 gram fragment – 10mm x 6mm x 3mm - $800

NWA (2953): Carbonaceous (CK4). Found before September 2005. Tkw = 144.8 grams.
Here is a nice main mass of a rare type meteorite. This was a complete individual and had only the material required for classification removed. This is somewhat weathered but still has quite a lot of crust and shows the distinctly CK exterior texture (knobby looking due to the occasional weathering/ ablation resistant hard chondrules scattered throughout.
120.3 gram end piece/ main mass – 50mm x 43mm x 30mm - $1000

NWA (4857): Martian (Shergottite). Found Before August 2007. Tkw = about 1 kilogram.
This is probably the most complete sample of this I have seen. It is an obvious complete specimen with only minor corner chipping of the (somewhat thin0 crust.
1.72 gram complete individual – 11mm x 11mm x 8mm - $1000

NWA (5024): Carbonaceous (CK4). Tkw = 100 grams.
Here is a "large" complete slice of this low total known weight stone. I rapidly sold all of this one when I offered it some years ago. This piece represents 10% of the total known. It shows the typical CK texture of sparse dark chondrules in a greenish brown matrix.
101.1 gram complete slice – 35mm x 32mm x 3mm - $200

ORGUEIL, France: Carbonaceous (CI1). Fell May 14, 1864. Tkw = about 11 kilograms.
This is a relatively large piece of this super interesting meteorite. This is a piece that spent many years in my micro-collection (though it is certainly NOT a micro it is in a magnifier box as my other micros are or were). I offered (and sold a good amount) of this stuff on my October mailed list, but that was all in the form of capsules of small (few mm sized) fragments.
1.0 gram fragment – 14mm x 10mm x 7mm - $1500

SaU (290), Oman: Carbonaceous (CH3). Found 2004. Tkw = 1796 grams.
This is not a terribly impressive specimen, but it is the only CH meteorite I have had (I have a few small slices available I recently re-discovered) and this was the largest piece I had.
2.0 gram slice – 16mm x 13mm x 2mm - $250

SIKHOTE-ALIN, Russia: Iron (Coarsest Oct). Fell Feb. 12, 1947.
This is a fantastic sculptural fusion crusted individual. It has a shape like a scorpion (in fact this is what the current owner calls it – "the scorpion"). This probably was an early recovery/ museum trade specimen as the crust is not rusted nor has it been messed with (brushed, acid treated or such) to clean up rust). So, this is certainly NOT cheap but a real opportunity for those collecting animal shaped meteorites to pick up a tough creature to mimic.
307.2 gram scorpion shaped crusted individual – 70mm x 50mm x 30mm - $1500

TAGISH LAKE, Canada: Carbonaceous (C2). Fell January 18, 2000. Tkw = 10+ kilograms.
These are all small but nice pieces of this rare material. I think these are all from the first (and only?) batch that came out not all that long after the fall was reported. These are all larger in physical size than what their weights would normally suggest, as this is very light material. These come with a "The Meteorite Market" labels (Eric was the first to offer this material – lucky him).
Fragments in membrane box - $900/ gram.
Weights available; .036g, .048g, .060g, .062g, .064g, .074g

a) 45.3 gram "individual" – 40mm x 35mm x 20mm - $110 – this has a nice dark olive green color. The glass is quite clean (very few bubbles) but has lots of brown streaking throughout.
b) 116.3 gram "individual" 65mm x 45mm x 30mm - $175 – this does have quite a bit of bubbling in the glass (a bit foggy), but this is interestingly layered, rather than just throughout.