Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Blaine Reed Meteorites List 115 - H, E and D

Blaine Reed Meteorites List 115 - H, E and D
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December 20, 2011

Dear Collectors,

This is likely my last offering for 2011, though I might do a "don't want to have to inventory it" sale next week (though, to be honest, I have not come up with many such items yet0.

Here is an offering of only 3 specimens, but boy are they specimens! (I'd love to have these in my collection!) I have one each Howardite, Eucrite and Diogenite slice that are about as big (surface area) as any I have ever seen – real museum type display pieces! These are very thin but can be carefully handled (I have done it). These are each in their own Riker mount. PLEASE NOTE – these are being sold as specimens, not based on a per gram price for commonly available similar (but thicker) type material! If anybody out there has had some cutting work done with a wire saw, they will know that this expense can really add to the cost of resulting specimens (I once had a roughly 20cm x 15cm Seymchan pallasite slice cost $1000 per cut!!) 

I had hoped to "save" these back until we started to hear info that has been learned from the Dawn mission orbiting Vesta at this point. So far, I have only seen photos, no hard science. I have been told that this will likely stay this way as well. Apparently, they don't want to release any form of "preliminary" findings, only data once all the work has been done. This might be awhile and I DEFINITELY want to have what ever remains of these 3 on display in Tucson (I am running really low on large display pieces). So – now is the time!


NWA (1811): Found 2001. Tkw = 8kg.
The total known weight on this listed in the bulletin is wrong. I think it is 3kg listed their. One look at this giant slice and it will be apparent that the 8kg the owner of this told me is the correct amount. This is a GIANT slice that is also quite aesthetic. It has clasts of many sizes and colors (mostly grays and browns) set in a nice light gray matrix. This is a complete slice and has crust along all but a tiny (25mm or so) portion of its edge. 
93.28 grams – 205mm x 162mm x 1mm - $3000


SAHARA (02501): Found 2002, Tkw = 3.96 kilograms.
This is an interesting slice. It is a medium to dark gray and does seem to show some rounded darker clasts in a finer (shock melted?) matrix. This looks, texturally, very much like the "rarer" Millbillillie material, but darker. This is a complete slice and shows crust along most of the edge (maybe 4 or 5 cm being a natural break).
35g – 160mm x 95mm x 1mm - $1000 


NWA (4272): Found 2003. Tkw = 6768 grams.
This is a beautiful complete slice of a "common" diogenite (the pretty much all orthopyroxene type we usually think of. The classification system has recently been changed where all ultra mafic rocks (likely) from Vesta are labeled "Diogenite" and then are broken into orthopyroxenite, olivine-diogenites (harzbergite? – can't find the reference at the moment) and Dunites). This has that classic Jhonstown look to it; large (cm or so) green crystals in a light green matrix. This is also a complete slice. The shape clearly shows the rounded complete meteorite form, but there are only small patches of obvious crust spread around the edge of this. 
78.4 grams – 180mm x 125mm x 1mm - $3000

GROUP SPECIAL: ALL 3 for $6500