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Blaine Reed Meteorites List 110

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October 4, 2011

Dear Collectors,

Here is another small offering that is actually going out at the proper time for once. A couple of the items here are things I picked up at the show, but most of it is from a collection of impact materials, tektites and a some small meteorite specimens I recently received from a collector "retiring" from collecting. I will probably have special offerings of just Tektites and another of impact items (breccias/ shattercones and such) later, once I get it all organized and cataloged.

I do have one small (?) complication with this listing though – Blake is out of town for a couple days, so I will have to wait until he returns Wednesday night or Thursday mid day to send out pictures of any of this, unfortunately.

CANYON DIABLO, Arizona: (Coarse octahedrite (IAB). Found 1891.
This is a natural, as found individual (complete with all of the white caliche that was stuck to it from its 50K years in the ground). This is nothing exceptional, but it is a nice solid piece and comes with an old Excalibur-Cureton Co. label.
100.6 gram individual – 38mm x 30mm x 20mm - $60

NANTAN, China. (Medium octahedrite, IAB). Found 1958.
This is an "oxide" fragment that is actually mostly metal. It is surprisingly solid, and is not bleeding rust product goo at all! Some one let their curiosity get the better of them and hack sawed off an end of this specimen. It does indeed show a fair amount of metal in the interior (around 50% of the cut face). 
93.4 gram fragment with rough cut face – 45mm x 40mm x 20mm - $15

NWA (5549) (?), Silicated iron.
This is a nice sculpted fresh (it does show some small patches of fusion crust yet) individual that was originally brought to me as "Zizz" (I had a customer for a piece of that stuff). Everyone that saw this said that this was actually the "new" silicated iron – NWA (5549). This is definitely a silicated iron. You can easily see zones of silicates (some that are quite large, one is some 40mm x 30mm) on the surface of this thing (and in bright light, some of these zones have a greenish brown almost gemmy color to them). I looked up some pictures of the known NWA (5549), and this does indeed match up perfectly!
1706 gram complete individual – 115mm x 75mm x 65mm - $5500 

WOLF CREEK, Australia. Medium octahedrite (IIIAB). Found 1947.
This is a typical (but solid) "shale ball" from this impact crater. I have had a few of these over the years, but they seem to be fairly scarce at this point.
63.8 gram shale ball – 43mm x 30m x 30mm - $65 

DALGETY DOWNS, Australia. (L4). Found 1941. Tkw = 474+ kilograms.
This is a part slice that was purchased from me many years ago. It is roughly square shaped and has one natural edge. This is nice material internally (it does not look like much on the exterior). It has plenty of metal in a mottled brown/ green and light tan matrix. Actually, this stuff looks very much like cut pieces of Gold Basin.
7.7 gram part slice – 20mm x 18mm x 6mm - $15 

FOREST (B), Australia. (L6). Found October 1980. Tkw = 26kilograms.
This is a flat fragment with a hint of a cut are on one side, small, but large enough for me to clearly see that this is an (L6). This certainly does look like the stuff I got from Robert Haag years ago. This piece may have indeed come from him, but an info card was not included with this – just an old copy of the listing for this stone in an older version of the "Catalog of Meteorites".
7.7 gram fragment – 35mm x 25mm x 5mm - $25

GAO, Burkina Faso. (H5). Fell March 5, 1960.
This is another part slice that was purchased from me many years ago. It is nothing real special. It has the typical medium brown coloration that the more recent recoveries of this material showed internally, but it does show lots of metal including a 1mm x 7mm metal vein on one edge.
10.4 gram part slice – 24mm x 23mm x 6mm - $20

HOLBROOK, Arizona. (L/LL6). Fell July 19, 1912.
This is a really nice complete individual as found. It has some minor dirt on spots (so it was likely not picked up right after the fall) but the crust is really fresh and black.
2.38 gram complete individual – 16mm x 11mm x 6mm - $50

JILIN, China. (H5). Fell March 8, 1976. Tkw = 4000+kilograms.
This is a nice square-shaped part slice that is very fresh (a lot of this material that came out fairly recently was quite brown in the interior). This does show minor hints of oxidation, but only in the form of brown spotting. Other than that, this is a nice light gray color.
5.5 gram part slice – 19mm x 16mm x 6mm - $30

MILLBILLILLIE, Australia: (Eucrite). Fell October 1960.
This is a really nice little end piece of the more mushy/ breccia textured portion of this meteorites (this is somewhat rarer than the intertwined crystal laths texture that has the "salt and pepper" look to it). This has full crust coverage on the back. The crust is orange stained, as most of this stuff was, but does show good flow lines and contraction cracks.
1.6 gram end piece – 20mm x 14mm x 4mm - $25

VACA MUERTA, Chile. (Mesosiderite). Found 1861.
This is a nice solid little end piece. It is not as fresh as, say NWA (2932) (boy, I wish I had bought more of that one when it was available. Now the NWA mesos are running $6 to $10/g out of the field!). but it is quite nice for Vaca. This still shows quite a lot of metal.
9.2 gram end piece – 22mm x 20mm x 10mm - $28 

This is a beautiful men's wrist- watch that has a gold platted Munionalusta slice for the dial. The etch on this is fantastic! The watch is done in a style similar to a Rolex Presidential, I believe. It has "diamond" highlights at 6, 9 and 12 and the date window at 3. The band is two-tone; gold and stainless. This also comes with a nice jewelry/ display box. A really nice looking watch.
Munionalusta dial men's wrist watch - $350