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Blaine Reed Meteorites - List 103 - my just mailed list

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April 28, 2011

Dear Collectors,

Here is the e-mail version of my mailed list that is just now hitting collector's hands.

I will be doing some traveling this year (that got blown out by what felt like an endless stream of crisis last year). A few small trips I know about at this point are:
1) May 19th to about May 30th
2) June 1st to about June 12th
There will likely be more trips later, but these are the ones that may affect orders from this list.

DEPORT, Texas. Coarse octahedrite (IAB). Found 1926. Tkw = 15+ kilograms.
I got these wonderful specimens from a person who got them directly from Oscar Monig a long time ago. This guy had stopped in my room during the New Mexico Mineral Symposium in Socorro and asked if I would stop by his house on my way home and look over some "Odessas" he had. It turned out that what he really had was Deport individuals (long story on how I figured that out though, but these really are Deport specimens – something that Monig had plenty of). These are all complete individuals that may have experienced some form of chemical cleaning by Monig many years ago, but look pretty natural at this point. They have nice interesting thumb-printed like shapes, so these are certainly not simple ugly lumps!
1) Individuals, mostly natural:
a) 41.0 grams - 35mm x 15mm x 15mm - $82
b) 76.4 grams - 45mm x 23mm x 15mm - $150
c) 136.5 grams - 50mm x 30mm x 17mm - $250
d) 164.8 grams - 60mm x 40mm x 25mm - $350 – really nice oriented shape!
e) 288.9 grams - 54mm x 45mm x 30mm - $500

HYATTVILLE, Wyoming. (L6). Found April 2008. Tkw = 8911 grams.
I think this is the first time ever I have had a new Wyoming meteorite. I guess that this is not very surprising as there are currently only 14 meteorite reported from the state (and this is the 9th chondrite from there). This was found by a man named Jon Todd, who is working to become a noted meteorite hunter (he is obviously off to a good start). Most of this (the 4.5kg main mass) is already tied up in a collection. I was ably to acquire a couple fragments that I cut for distribution to collectors (and keeping a piece or me, obviously). This is fairly fresh stuff (weathering grade of W1). It has lots of metal in a mottled light gray and tan matrix.
1) Slices:
a) 4.5 grams - 24mm x 13mm x 4mm - $21
b) 8.7 grams - 30mm x 22mm x 4mm - $40
c) 16.2 grams - 38mm x 37mm x 3mm - $75
d) 34.2 grams - 51mm x 45mm x 4mm - $155 – one edge fusion crusted.
e) 56.3 grams - 90mm x 50mm x 4mm - $255
f) 69.3 grams – 90mm x 54mm x 5mm - $310

TAMDAKHT, Morocco: (H5). Fell December 20, 2008, Tkw = about 100 kilograms.
Many people witnessed the fall of this meteorite. This material ended up falling in the Atlas Mountains, where recovery was difficult due to the presence of snow and steep slopes. Unfortunately, the area was also very rocky so few pieces survived as complete individuals. Most recovered specimens (as is the case with most of these pieces) were fragments that resulted from falling stones hitting rocks on the ground. These are all quite fresh (showing lots of metal in a generally medium gray matrix), but they do show some minor brown rust spotting (thanks to the snow no doubt).
1) Slices:
a) 8.9 grams - 27mm x 20mm x 5mm - $36
b) 21.4 grams - 37mm x 35mm x 5mm - $85
c) 50.0 grams - 75mm x 35mm x 5mm - $190
2) Crusted ½ individuals plus (more than 60% fusion crust covered).
a) 32.5 grams - 35mm x 25mm x 16mm - $110 – a bit more chipped up than the others.
b) 77.5 grams - 68mm x 30mm x 20mm - $270
c) 122.1 grams - 70mm x 35mm x 27mm - $425 – complete? (break might be secondary crust)
d) 144.3 grams - 62mm x 45mm x 30mm - $600 - Special! This is ½ of an oriented individual and has nice flow lines on one face and really thick bubbly crust on another. Broken area is mostly slickensides or thin secondary crust. 

NWA (5784): Dunite). Found before February 2006. Tkw = 2.6kg.
The bulk of this scientifically important stone is already locked up in museum collections (I have only around 100g available). This was originally classified as a diogenite (which it does indeed look like visually). But, it is over 91% olivine and only contains 2% orthopyroxene – the mineral that regular diogenites are composed almost entirely of. Having said that though, there are changes in the classification scheme for these ultra-mafic rocks being considered. I have read that all Diogenties (real orthopyrexene ones), olivine diogenties and dunites will be grouped as "Diogenite" for the main classification header with orthopyroxinite, periddotite or dunite as the sub type (this change may have already come about). Regardless of how they name it, this still represents a rare and important sample of deep crust or mantle material from Vesta. 
1) Slices in membrane box:
a) .21 grams - 10mm x 9mm x 1mm - $32
b) .39 grams - 12mm x 10mm x 1mm - $59
c) .68 grams - 15mm x 9mm x 1.5mm - $100
d) 1.37 grams - 17mm x 14mm x 1.5mm - $185
e) 2.55 grams - 33mm x 30mm x 1mm - $320
f) 5.9 grams - 45mm x 32mm x 1mm - $700
g) 12.9 grams - 65mm x 50mm x 1mm - $1300 

NWA (6355): Lunar melt – matrix mingled breccia. Found 2009. Tkw = 760 grams.
This is a clast-laden breccia that contains fine- grained mineral debris (pyroxene, olivine, anorthite) and sparse igneous clasts in a heterogeneous "swirly" glass matrix. This is very similar chemically to Apollo 16 soils. This meteorite is a rare instance where a lunar meteorite can be correlated with materials at a specific landing site on the Moon (this according to well the known and highly educated in this field Dr. Tony Irving). This is mostly dark gray to black in color with small lighter colored inclusions scattered (sparsely) throughout. One further note; only about 350grams of this is available to the public. 
1) Slices in membrane box:
a) .107 grams - 5mm x 4mm x 1mm - $100
b) .143 grams - 8mm x 5mm x 1mm - $135 – nice texture!
c) .31 grams - 10mm x 6mm x 1mm - $285
d) .496 grams - 14mm x 7mm x 1mm - $450
e) .870 grams - 15mm x 12mm x 1mm - $785 – has one anorthosite inclusion that transmits light!

BEDIASITES: Tektites from Texas.
It has been quite awhile since I have had any of these. I used to sell some on consignment for TCU but they have been completely out for a good number of years now. These came in the door one evening at the show. They were found by a person who usually finds and prepares major fish fossils (he had an incredible large and toothy specimen on display in the Lobby of Inn Suites this year). This guy is quite wealthy and was, justifiably, proud of his finds. None the less, after quite a bit of back and forth haggling, I finally was able to purchase these wonderful specimens. All are absolutely complete, with the exception of the largest, which has a small (8mm x 5mm) ding on one edge.
1) Individuals as found:
a) 2.2 grams - 14mm x 12mm x 9mm - $25
b) 4.3 grams - 17mm x 14mm x 13mm - $48
c) 7.2 grams - 21mm x 17mm x 14mm - $78
d) 14.3 grams - 25mm x 22mm x 18mm - $150
e) 22.4 grams - 35mm x 22mm x 21mm - $225 – has some nice deep grooves.
f) 44.2 grams - 37mm x 32mm x 28mm - $400 – largest I have ever had.

METEORITE COINS: Serial number matched Moon and Mars coin sets.
These are sets of 4 coins that have identical serial numbers. These are neat 50mm diameter tokens that have a picture of a Lunar scene or Mars scene on one side and a brief note about the meteorite (contained as dust and fragments in a roughly 5mm x 3mm recess on the picture side) the coin contains and serial number on the back. There were 2 different coin designs of each (each set was in a limited run of 250 pieces maximum) of the Moon and Mars rocks – NWA (2995) for the Lunar and NWA (2986) for the Martian in this case. I have only 5 sets available. Serial numbers available are; 167, 172, 174, 178, 185
4 coin matched serial number set - $250 

Please include postage: a couple dollars on small U.S. orders and $10 on large items for first class (insurance is extra, if desired). On small overseas orders, $3 to $5 is generally plenty (I'll have to custom figure the rate for large items). Registration is also recommended on more valuable overseas shipments - an extra $12.00.
If you are sending a fax, simply begin transmitting when my line is answered. My fax will turn on automatically to receive (or I will start it if I answer) when you begin transmitting.