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P.O. Box 1141
Delta, CO 81416
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Dear Collectors,

Unfortunately I got to busy and too far behind to pull together an offering (that should have gone out yesterday no less). I did manage to finally pull together all of the paper-work, approvals and everything to get my solar electric system up and running (which is currently producing nearly 3 times my current electric use - at least when the sun is shinning), so I guess that means this is my first "all solar powered" listing. It is nice to have at least one major project completed this challenging summer (several await my attention later, unfortunately. I guess that means I won't be bored this fall).
I am attempting to get prepared for the Denver show now (I leave Saturday afternoon to visit a friend that evening and Sunday). I am probably the most unprepared I have ever been by this short of time before leaving (and I have been doing this show for nearly 25 years now - I don't know for certain if it is this year or next that will be my 25 year anniversary - I'll look it up later). Things may seem a bit less organized in my room for awhile this year, so have a bit of patience if it takes me a little extra time to set up and get my door open (I usually like to open by about 10 or 11AM Tuesday morning, but my need until 12 or 1PM this time, but I will really try to open by 11AM).

Here is the important info:

For those visiting the show:

I will be in my usual location - Room 224 of the Holiday Inn - Denver Central (yep, they changed their name recently). This is at 4849 Bannock St for those of you with address location finding GPS units. It is relatively easy to find for those of you navigating otherwise; it is near the intersection of the two interstate highways that cross Colorado - I-25 and I-70. The easiest method for most would be to take the 58th street exit off of I-25. Go West to 58th's dead end on Bannock. Head South (left turn) and the Holiday Inn will be down a bout a mile on the right (parking close by can be difficult though).

I will be open (as mentioned above) from about 12 noon (hopefully a bit earlier) Tuesday morning (the 14th) through 5pm or so on Sunday (the 19th). I will be open the rest of the show at 10AM and should be open until about 10pm each night (though there is a chance I may take a break and close on Friday at around 7pm to attend the COMETS auction and social gathering - free good micro-brew beer and good fun).

For those of you not coming:

I will be gone from September 11th until the 22nd. We do have a tenuous inter-net connection at the show (funny, I have the same problem in Tucson). So, while it is possible for me to get e-mail (theoretically anyway), the reality is I rarely get to check it (either too busy or connection won't work long enough to complete a response). So, if you are not overseas, the best method to reach me if you really need to during the show is to simply call. The hotel phone number is (303) 292-9500. Ask for room 224 as it seems that the front desk often has no clue of my existence if you simply ask for me by name.

Anybody coming to the show that is looking for specific items, please try and let me know soon so I can be sure to pack such things to bring with me. Same thing goes for those of you that want me to look for items for you while I am at the show.

Hope to see some of you there!