Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Blaine Reed Meteorites List 92 - more small to medium sized miscellaneous.

List 92 - more small to medium sized miscellaneous.
Wednesday, July 28, 2010 7:00 AM

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July 27, 2010

Dear Collectors,I have been so overwhelmed with things around here that I completely forgot that the Creede show dates were changed shortly after I re-signed up for it at the end of last year's show. It is actually August 6-8th, not this weekend (thankfully, I am completely unprepared for a show this weekend. Linda is still not recovered enough from her recent surgery to come along and help if it were this weekend, so I would be on my own - though Mike Martinez, who is visiting right now, was willing to extend his vacation and come along to help if need be).Any way, this offering is probably the simplest I have ever had. I usually like to have some kind of description with each specimen (not really sure if that helps or is just clutter to potential buyers though). Mike typed these in to the computer for me while I worked on other things yesterday and I never got the chance to add any comments since. So - feel free to contact me and ask if you need further details on any specimen you are interested in.

BONDOCK, Philippines: Mesosiderite. Found 195617.6 gram slice - 39mm x 21mm x 6mm - $70 - mostly silicate.

CADDO COUNTY, Oklahoma: Silicated iron. Found 1987. Tkw = 18kg.a) 8.58 gram slice - 32mm x 17mm x 2mm - $130 - mostly iron, nice etch!b) 9.0 gram slice - 40mm x 30mm x 2mm - $200 - super silicate rich.

CLEO SPRINGS, Oklahoma: (H4). Found 1960. Tkw = 24kg.76.7 gram slice - 70mm x 30mm x 13mm - $130

COONANA, S. Australia: (H4). Found 196414.2 gram cut fragment - 35mm x 20mm x 8mm - $55 - this has been "repaired" (a corner glued back on), but it does not show on the polished face at all.

DALGETY DOWNS, Western Australia: (L4). Found 19418.1 gram slice - 21mm x 18mm x 6mm - $15

DHOFAR (007), Oman: (Eucrite). Found 1999. Tkw = 21.2kg..a) .27 gram slice - 10mm x 6mm x 3mm - $5b) 1.8 gram slice - 20mm x 14mm x 3mm - $25

EL HAMMAMI, Africa: (H5). Fell 19976.2 gram slice - 22mm x 15mm x 6mm - $10 - fresh!

ESTACADO, Texas: (H6). Found 18832.5 gram slice - 23mm x 10mm x 2mm - $10

FORESTBURG (b), Texas: (L5). Found 195726.8 gram slice - 40mm x 30mm x 7mm - $45 - nice amount of metal.(this is the better one of the two Forestburg meteorites).

FORREST (002), Western Australia: (L6). Found 198045.7 gram end piece - 50mm x 45mm x 10mm - $80

GAYLORD, Kansas: (H4). Found 198313.8 gram slice - 30mm x 21mm x 6mm - $50

INDOCHINITE: Layered Moung Nong type.56.5 gram complete specimen (no substantial modern breaks) - 55mm x 30mm x 25mm - $20

JILIN, China: (H5). Fell March 8, 19769.2 gram slice - 32mm x 18mm x 5mm - $45 - has a crack (but has not broken - yet) on one side. On the fresher end of what has been available for this meteorite.

LAKE MURRAY, Oklahoma: (IIAB). Found 193320.0 gram oxide Fragment - 30mm x 30mm x 7mm - $20

MARLOW, Oklahoma: (L5). Found February 193620.7 gram slice - 45mm x 26mm x 5mm - $40

McKENZIE DRAW, Texas: (H4). Found 1989. Tkw = 11.8kg.6.4 gram end piece - 32mm x 17mm x 6mm - $20

NWA 869, Africa: (L4). Found 200145.5 gram complete slice - 45mm x 40mm x 9mm - $2512.9 gram slice - 45mm x 18mm x 8mm - $8 - wedged, but has interesting inclusion.

NWA (1068): Martian (Shergottite). Found April 2001. Tkw = 576 grams..150 gram cut fragment - 8mm x 5mm x 3mm - $120

PASAMONTE, New Mexico: (eucrite). Fell March 24, 1933. Tkw = 3.62kg.Approx. .6g of powder in capsule in magnifier box - $40

RENFROW, Oklahoma: (L6). Found 1986. Tkw = 81.6kg.58.0 gram slice - 60mm x 50mm x 6mm - $130

SEIBERT (b), Colorado: (L6). Found 199119.9 gram complete slice - 45mm x 30mm x 6mm - $70 - nice breccia texture.

SLEEPER CAMP (001), Western Australia: (L6). Found 196219.5 gram complete slice - 65mm x 25mm x 5mm - $60

SPRINGER, Oklahoma: (H5). Found 1965. Tkw = 8.3kg.21.8g slice - 44mm x 35mm x 5mm - $75 - lots of metal.

TULIA (a), Texas: (H3/4). Found 19170.7 gram slice - 10mm x 9mm x 4mm - $2

UNKNOWN: NWA specimen.8.3 gram fragment - 20mm x 17mm x 13mm - $4

UNKNOWN: Likely NWA but labeled as SaU (001).36 gram complete individual - 27mm x 27mm x 20mm - $15 - Nice smooth (wind-polished) rounded surfaces.

UVALDE, Texas: (H5). Found 19155.6 gram slice - 23mm x 17mm x 4mm - $30

WAGON MOUND, New Mexico: (L6). Found 193210.7 gram end piece - 42mm x 19mm x 10mm - $ 15