Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Blaine Reed Meteorites- List 90 - miscellanous small specimens

List 90 - miscellanous small specimens

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June 16, 2010

Dear Collectors,

I know, here is another offering that missed its due date. I was out of town most of the day yesterday (and on my garage roof the rest of the time, working on finally getting that solar equipment I have had for a bit over a year now so I can finally start getting some of that "free" electricity going - as if $19k and counting could be considered free by any stretch of the imagination).

Last weeks list completely sold out in a few days. I hope I have similar success with this stuff (though I won't be holding my breath). These specimens are all from a collection in Florida. The owner of these passed away a year or so ago and I am helping his widow with finding new homes for them. Most of these are just right for the average collector that wants to add a few names to their collection. Nice specimens that are generally not large and expensive that require one to decide which to skip - the house payment, the car payment, or food on the table to afford. I have many of these and will likely need to do several offerings (once I get them cataloged that is) over the summer to get them all out there.

BARILLA, Texas: (H5). Found 1994. Tkw = 11.1kg.
A nice dark brown square (cut on all sides) slice. Not much visible metal, but a nice specimen none the less.
5.6 gram slice - 19mm x 18mm x 4mm - $30

BILLY GOAT DONGA, Australia: (L6). Found 1962. Tkw = over 1kg.
Nice aesthetic complete slice that is quite fresh (very light tan) in the center (with darker tan to brown around the edges) . Probably from David New years ago.
12.1 gram complete slice - 36mm x 28mm x 5mm - $50

BJURBOLE, Finland: (L/LL4). Fell March 12, 1899. Tkw = 330kg.
This is a typical rounded fragment that shows lots of chondrules (that can be easily rubbed off if handled roughly). Once fairly common, but difficult to find lately.
2.2 gram fragment - 16mm x 11mm x 7mm - $30

CLEO SPRINGS, Oklahoma: (H4). Found 1960. Tkw = 24kg.
This one should have been on the last list, but then it was not received with that batch. This is a small rectangular piece. It has a fairly good amount of metal in a brown and greenish mixed matrix.
1.4 gram slice - 13mm x 8mm x 4mm - $5

DAVY (A), Texas: (L4). Found 1940. Tkw = 50.6kg.
This is a little cut fragment that ultimately came from the Monig Collection at TCU (though I am unsure of who sold it to Ray (it could have been me, but I usually make a point of polishing specimens if I receive them raw off of the saw).
4.0gram cut fragment - 19mm x 14mm x 10mm - $5

DIMBOOLA, Australia: (H5). Found 1944. Tkw = 16kg.
I have no idea the origin of this one. It is a nice complete slice of a natural fragment (and does show some pretty nice crust along one edge). Interior is a medium to dark brown mix but still shows a fair amount of metal, so it is not completely weathered. Nice piece and probably really hard to replace these days.
11.1 gram complete slice - 32mm x 20mm x 6mm - $70

DIMMITT, Texas: (H3.7). Found 1942.
This is a really nice little end piece. It shows a lot more chondrules than are usually easily visible in this stuff and the back side has a lot of nice medium chocolate brown crust.
15.0 gram end piece - 39mm x 20mm x 9m - $30

GAO, Burkina Faso: (H5). Fell March 5, 1960.
This is a nice complete little individual. Good crust (mostly dark gray with some brown highlights) that has never been cleaned.
1.5 gram complete individual - 13mm x 10mm x 7mm - $6

HENBURY, Australia: Medium octahedrite (IIIAB). Found 1931.
This is a nice little (natural, not cleaned) shrapnel piece. By far more interesting shape than most similar sized Henburys.
4.5 grams - 22mm x 7mm x 6mm - $9

IMILAC, Chile: (Pallasite). Found 1822.
A small individual (impact frament?) that has a wild shape and a bit of pinkish weathered olivine in some of the pockets.
1.79 gram fragment - 15mm x 5mm x 4mm - $15

MT. TAZERZAIT, Niger: (L5). Fell August 21, 1991.
Complete slice of a fragment (no crust). Fresh and shows lots of porosity.
2.4 gram slice - 18mm x 15mm x 3mm - $10

NAKHLA, Egypt. Mars rock (Nakhlite). Fell June 28, 1911. Tkw = 10kg.
I know the history of this one. I had a few gram piece that I got from Robert Haag and someone asked me to take a slice off of it for them (for really good money, or I wouldn't have tried it). I learned a lesson about friable meteorites. A large part of the thing fell apart into piles of tiny crumbs on attempting the cut. For years afterwards, I was selling capsules with some of these crumbs (I sure wasn't going to toss the stuff out). This is one of those capsules in a magnifier box from those many years ago.
Capsule with crumbs in a magnifier box - $50

NWA (869), (L4-6) regolith breccia. Found 2001.
This is a nice slice I sold to him a few years ago. It is complete and shows a good number of fairly large breccia fragments. Definitely better than your typical 869 piece.
52.2 gram complete slice - 80mm x 42mm x 4mm - $40

NWA (2086): Carbonaceous (CV3). Found 2003. Tkw = 33kg.
A nice Axtell - looking complete slice.
9.9 gram complete slice - 32mm x 31mm x 4mm - $60

OZONA, Texas: (H6). Found 1929. Tkw = 127.5kg.
Ozona was the first meteorite I bought a block of (from Robert Haag) to cut up and sell when I got started as a dealer nearly 25 years ago. I have not seen much of it lately. This is a little end piece that may have come from him as well (judging be the saw marks - it was cut on a large saw - something I don't have but Robert does).
3.0 gram end piece - 19mm x 12mm x 7mm - $10

PILLISTFER, Estonia: Enstatite chondrite (E6). Fell August 8, 1868. Tkw = 23.25kg.
A small blocky piece that came from me many years ago. Very fresh, light gray color with lots of metal.
.7 gram slice - 9mm x 6mm x 4mm - $50

VACA MUERTA, Chile: (Mesosiderite). Found 1861.
This is a nice little end piece that shows LOTS of metal (rare for this meteorite) so it actually looks like a mesosiderite!
2.2 gram end piece - 15mm x 8mm x 8mm - $6