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Blaine Reed Meteorites List #74 mailed copy 7MAY09
Blaine Reed
P.O. Box 1141
Delta, CO 81416
Ph/fax: (970) 874 -1487
……………………………………………………………LIST 74
May 7, 2009
Dear Collectors,
Here is the e-mail version of the list I sent by mail to many. I just started to receive calls on it last night, so I am posting it too the rest of you this morning (I do try to be fair and let everyone have pretty much an equal chance at these things, but the post office and other circumstances often work against me). Any way I, as usual, have tried to be sure that I have a good selection of different materials at all price ranges so I have (hopefully) something for everyone. Enjoy!

(Pallasite). Found 1884. Tkw = around 300kilograms.
Here are some etched slices of an iron individual of this beautiful meteorite. These were cut from a 135kg individual that was found May 19th, 2007 (a week or so after I went to the area, but all I found was how to really mess up my wrist in a couple days of swinging a metal-detector, unfortunately) . These are nice thin slices that show a vibrant etch structure on both sides.
1) Slices, etched on both sides:
a) 8.3 grams - 32mm x 14mm x 2mm - $34.00
b) 15.0 grams - 32mm x 30mm x 2mm - $60.00
c) 26.3 grams - 40mm x 37mm x 2mm - $105.00
d) 43.2 grams - 60mm x 42mm x 2mm - sold
e) 82.6 grams - 110mm x 50mm x 2.5mm - $320.00
f) 329.7 grams - 165mm x 65mm x 3mm - $1150.00 - Complete slice!

NWA (2134):
(H6). Found before February 2004. Tkw = 916 grams.
Here is one of the several H chondrites that I will have available in the not too distant future (but this is the only one I thought really worthy of cutting into slices). The seller of this thought that it may be (as well as the others) another piece of the NWA (725) Acapulcoite/ Winonaite (I have seen it listed as both) or an E-chondrite. This did indeed look like a good contender, both externally and internally. Unfortunately, the research work showed this to be an H chondrite. On the plus side, this one is very nice and fresh. Few H stones have come out of the Sahara looking as nice as this. It does have LOTS of metal and a few chondrules in a light gray matrix. It does indeed strongly resemble an Enstatite chondrite or NWA (725) internally (and even has a slight hint of a sulfur smell that an enstatite would have). This looks every bit as nice as a piece of Estacado I had recently, but at a fraction of the price.
1) Slices:
a) 4.5 grams - 25mm x 10mm x 5mm - $9.00
b) 9.0 grams - 30mm x 20mm x 5mm - $18.00
c) 20.3 grams - 36mm x 36mm x 5mm - $40.00
d) 46.1 grams - 70mm x 50mm x 4mm - $90.00 - Complete slice.
2) 145.4 gram end piece - 90mm x 56mm x 18mm - $220.00- Main mass!

NWA (4870):
(LL3.7), S2, W2. Found before September 2007. Tkw = 330 grams.
I picked up a single stone of this fantastic meteorite at the Denver show a couple years ago. If you like chondrules, you will like this one. It is loaded with generally large chondrules of many colors (grays and tans mostly) in a medium to dark brown matrix. This was originally going to be recorded as an anomalous chondrite and it may not be truly related to the LL clan. That part has not gotten done (but the note "large chondrules" was added to its classification report, I believe). Really nice none the less. Despite the "large" known weight, I have slightly less than 90 grams of this remaining.
1) Slices:
a) 1.9 grams - 17mm x 10mm x 3.5mm - $23.00
b) 3.5 grams - 25mm x 15mm x 3.5mm - $42.00
c) 7.2 grams - 32mm x 27mm x 3mm - $85.00
d) 11.9 grams - 45mm x 35mm x 2.5mm - $130.00 - complete slice.
e) 24.2 grams - 50mm x 44mm x 3.5mm - $240.00 - complete slice.

(H4). Found 1947. Tkw = 4642 grams.
A single stone was purchased by Oscar Monig and remained unclassified in his collection until 1992. Recently, it was cut and a small amount has been made available to collectors. This is a good example of a moderately weathered chondrite. It shows a good amount of metal (some minor oxide veining is present) in a dark green/gray matrix.
1) Slices:
a) 2.6 grams - 15mm x 13mm x 3mm - $10.00
b) 5.3 grams - 30mm x 15mm x 3mm - $21.00
c) 10.4 grams - 28mm x 24mm x 4mm - $40.00
d) 20.6 grams - 45mm x 25mm x 5mm - sold
e) 45.4 grams - 60mm x 45mm x 6mm - $160.00 - looks like a full slice.
f) 102.7 grams - 80mm x 75mm x 5mm - $350.00 - 1/4 slice.

NWA (4502):
Carbonaceous chondrite (CV3). Found before September 2008. Tkw = about 35 kilograms.
Here are some pieces of a new CV meteorite that recently turned up. It is definitely different than the CV I had earlier (NWA 2086). This is a bit darker (and quite a bit harder - definitely used up some sanding belts preparing this stuff). It still has lots of chondrules of various (generally darker) colors in a fairly dark gray (almost black) matrix. There are also occasional irregular shaped pink to purple CAI's in some specimens as well. We originally thought that this might be a CR meteorite as it has a pretty strong attraction to a magnet (but then the CV clan has the widest range of magnetic attraction of any meteorite group). A rare, scientifically important and special addition to any collection at a great price!
1) Individuals as found:
a) 17.2 grams - 37mm x 22mm x 10mm - $68.00
b) 38.8 grams - 33mm x 32mm x 20mm - $150.00
c) 74.5 grams - 42mm x 34mm x 23mm - $280.00
d) 135.3 grams - 70mm x 45mm x 20mm - $400.00
2) End pieces:
a) 10.4 grams - 32mm x 22mm x 6mm - $45.00
b) 20.4 grams - 43mm x 27mm x 8mm - $90.00
c) 36.4 grams - 55mm x 40mm x 8mm - $150.00
d) 179.7 grams - 83mm x 56mm x 18mm - $670.00

NWA (5025):
Carbonaceous chondrite (CK4). Found before 2007. Tkw = 75 grams.
I had the NWA (5024) (CK4) on my October 2008 list. This is definitely something very different. This is unlike the typical CK's I have seen. This has lots of large chondrules (many layered) and clasts in a medium greenish gray matrix, making this look more like a CV meteorite than a CK.
1) Slices:
a) 1.4 grams - 15mm x 11mm x 3mm - $25.00
b) 2.6 grams - 20mm x 20mm x 3mm - $45.00
c) 5.2 grams - 33mm x 24mm x 2.5mm - $90.00 - complete slice.
2) Main Mass: 10.9 gram end piece - 33mm x 23mm x 9mm - $185.00

CAMEL DONGA, Australia
(Eucrite). Found 1984. Tkw = unknown, around 30kg perhaps. I have not had pieces of this in many years, probably not since shortly after it was first brought out in the mid 1980's (and shortly after I started being a dealer rather than just a collector). These are all nice little individuals as found (fairly recently, I believe). They do have some damage to the crust; adhering dirt along with some rust spots (Camel Donga is strange in that it contains a fair number of large blobs of iron internally. This iron is free of nickel and likely resulted from iron being reduced from some of the minerals in an impact event). They all still show a fairly good amount of the classic shiny crust with lots of fine flow lines that made this stuff so popular years ago. I don't have many of these, so don't wait to ask if you want one set aside for you.
1) Individuals as found:
a) .91 grams - 13mm x 7mm x 5mm - $28.00
b) 1.5 grams - 16mm x 8mm x 8mm - $45.00
c) 2.3 grams - 14mm x 10mm x 10mm - $65.00
d) 3.6 grams - 17mm x 16mm x 7mm - $95.00
e) 5.4 grams - 28mm x 15mm x 10mm - $135.00

Impact glass/ tektite.Many different impact glasses and tektites have been found near the 13km diameter Zhamanshin crater in Russia. I had some of these years ago and sold out. I came across more at the Tucson show. These are the "typical" stretched, ropy specimens that often have small round beads (micro tektites) adhering to them. This is the only case where tektites (Irghizites) are directly associated with micro-tektites. I tried to pick out really interesting shaped (particularly ropy) or micro-tektite rich specimens to offer here.
1) Individual pieces as found:
a) Small: about 12mm x 7mm x 5mm (roughly .3g each) - $5.00
b) Medium: about 16mm x 8mm x 5mm (roughly .6g each) - $10.00
c) Large: about 19mm x 12mm x 5mm (roughly 1.1g each) - $15.00

Please include postage; a couple dollars on small U.S. orders and about $2 per pound on larger items for 1st class (insurance is extra). On small overseas orders, $3 to $5 is generally plenty, and about $1 per ounce (28 grams) on larger items for air-mail. Registration is also recommended on overseas shipments - an extra $10.00.If you are sending a fax, simply begin transmitting when my line is answered. My new machine will automatically start and receive just as the manual said.