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Blaine Reed LIST 71 March 15, 2009

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..........……………………………………………….LIST 71 March 15, 2009
Dear Collectors,
Here is another batch of after Tucson stuff. I will likely have at least one more next month before I am caught up with the remaining "left over" stuff from the show. I apologize that this is going out at an odd time. I will be out of town (on two separate trips that more or less overlap) starting early Thursday morning (March 19th). I will likely be gone until the 31st. I may have a day at home on the 25th, but not enough time to accomplish much other than catching up from being gone on the first segment. So, I decided it best to go ahead and send this list out a couple days early as I thought it would be dumb to wait until the usual Tuesday afternoon and have only a day and a half to take, prepare and ship orders (while I should be packing as well). I will also be staying home from my usual trip to Grand Junction to visit friends this Monday evening as well (the reason I usually send these lists out on Tuesday instead of Sunday or Monday)

CAMPO DEL CIELO, Argentina: Coarse octahedrite (IAB).
Here is an interesting piece. It is a highly thumb-printed piece that has a small (about 2mm) natural hole.217.8g individual with hole - 62mm x 40mm x 15mm - $100

CHINGA, Russia: Ungrouped ataxite. Found 1913.
This is a nice complete thin slice that has been polished on both sides.177gram complete slice - 190mm x 50mm x 2mm - $270

MILES, Australia: Silicated iron (IIE). Found 1992. Tkw = 265kg.
3.5g slice - 33mm x 10mm x 2mm - $30

SIKHOTE-ALIN, Russia. Coarsest octahedrite (IIAB). Fell February 12, 1947.
Here is an unusual specimen. It is partly fusion crusted (1/3 or so of the surface shows obvious fusion crust) and partly shrapnel (about 2/3 shows obvious violent fragmentation) . Very neat and quite rare.64.6 gram individual - 30mm x 27mm x 12mm - $80

JUANCHENGE, China: (H5). Fell February 15, 1997.
This is the last piece I have from the late Tom Palmer's collection. It is a nice complete slice. It has a 3 letter code painted in one corner on the back, along with this same code and Juanchenge on a sticker label (also on the back) as well. Nice piece. I am surprised I did not sell it at the show (but its end piece brother did find a new home).17.3 gram complete slice - 50mm x 27mm x 5mm - $50

LONG ISLAND, Kansas: (L6). Found 1891. Tkw = 565kg.
This is a nice solid block (with one natural edge) from the Monig Collection at TCU. It comes with a museum label. This would be good for further cutting into smaller pieces or left as is. 240.6 gram block - 65mm x 40mm x 38mm - $450

NWA (4431): (L5), S2, W2. Found April 2005. Tkw = 450grams.
This is nice fresh material. The interior is light gray with some light brown spotting. The edge shows some fresh black crust (surprising it didn't get a weathering grade lower than 2). The most interesting feature though is a large (about 1cm) gray layered chondrule or melt pocket that somewhat resembles an eye. This piece is in a Riker Mount.14.7 gram slice - 45mm x 38mm x 3mm - $45

OUM DREYGA, Western Sahara: (H3-5). Fell October 16, 2003.
Here is a really neat specimen! It shows super fresh black crust over most of its exterior. But, the better part is the 45mm x 25mm broken surface (exposed interior). This shows two very distinct lithlologies (with a very distinct sharp boundary line). One part (about 2/3 of the broken area) is dark gray and chondrule rich (H3 perhaps). The remainder (about 1/3) is light colored and chondrule poor (H5 material perhaps). There is some rust spotting (only on the exposed interior area), but this is a fascinating piece none the less.112.2 gram individual - 57mm x 25mm x 27mm - $500

ZAG, Western Sahara: (H3-6) breccia. Fell August 4 or 5, 1998.
This is a nice little block with two sides showing fresh black crust. The interior is fairly light and does not show a lot of chondrules, so I suspect that it is some of the H5 or 6 material. This is nice the way it is, but could be cut into some really nice not quite micro slice specimens.
13.5 gram crusted block - 25mm x 14mm x 12mm - $25

NWA (3116): Carbonaceous. (CK5). Found 2002. Tkw = 27grams.
This is hard and dark and does not seem to match (obviously pair with) any of the other CK meteorites I have had recently (or for a number of years for that matter) and does not look like any I recall seeing elsewhere either. It is not something commonly available (but I don't think any of the CKs are).
.08 grams of small thin slices (3 main pieces) - $5.77 gram
slice - 13mm x 11mm x 2mm - $301.28 gram
slice - 20mm x 12mm x 2mm - $50

NWA (2753): (olivine diogenite). Tkw = 460grams.
Actually there is likely a lot more of this stuff when pairings are considered, I am sure. But this is all Matt Moran had when he got the work done on this piece. But look at the price - under $10/g! I remember when the first piece of this came out and the stuff was selling for many thousands of dollars per gram. Unfortunately, all I have of this at the moment is a few thick (about 5mm) slice pieces.
Part slices - $6.00/g.
Sizes available: 1.4g, 1.8g, 2.5g, 4.8g, 5.8g

NWA (5487): (eucrite). Found 2008. Tkw = 150grams.
A single stone was found of this found. It looks more like a howardite than a eucrite. Not like NWA (1929), but more like Dhofar (485) (which I had on an earlier offering). This shows light gray generally rounded clasts surrounded by darker melt material. A few greenish brown clasts (diogenite material?) are also present. This was popular at the show and these three pieces are all that remains.
12.8 gram complete slice - 45mm x 33mm x 3mm - $180
16.2 gram complete slice - 50mm x 38mm x 4mm - $210
47.1 gram end piece - 45mm x 30mm x 15mm - $550 - main mass.

SEYMCHAN, Russia: (Pallasite). Found 1962.
This is a nice slice of the olivine rich material. This one though has a lot of olivine of a wide range of sizes. The crystals range in size from small angular pieces (a couple mm in size) up to a few large more rounded pieces (around 1cm in size). This is a piece I sold to a collector in Florida a couple years ago. It is a very nice (and stable) specimen.
33.8 gram slice - 52mm x 49mm x 3mm - $340

MOLDAVITE:Here is a nice little 1gram specimen that has been mounted in a little plastic display dome. Kind of a neat little display.1.0 gram individual in display dome - $10