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Blaine Reed Meteorites for Sale - List 185 - after Tucson 1

Blaine Reed Meteorites for Sale - List 185 - after Tucson 1

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…………………………………………………………LIST 185
February 23, 2016

Dear collectors,
Here is the first of my “after Tucson” offerings. Some of this material are things I picked up through various deals but a fair amount of it is the usual “want to sell it before I have to return it” consignment items.

BRENHAM, Kansas: (Pallasite). Found 1882.
This is a nice almost square little part slice that has one natural edge and shows a good range of color in the olivine crystals. It has been polished and etched on both sides. Nothing exceptional but a good little quite stable (it has been sitting in Ohio for some years and is not falling apart!) collection piece.
30.7 grams part slice – 39mm x 38mm x 4mm - $90

GIBEON, Namibia: Fine octahedrite (IVA). Found 1836.
I sure wish I had a lot of large pieces of this at the show this year. Gibeon seemed to be pretty much the only thing that the few Chinese buyers that did show up wanted/ asked for (last year they would have taken pretty much ANY larger iron if it was cleaned and priced right). This is a piece that I obviously sold to the person yeas ago (or he got it from someone I sold it to) as it has my name and weight sticker on it. This piece is roughly rectangular and has the usual all cut edges (I often had some rusting problems with pieces that showed some natural edge). This piece has remained perfectly rust free and has a good bright etch for Gibeon showing on both sides.
40.6 gram etched part slice – 42mm x 33mm x 3mm - $80

JBILET WINSELWAN: Morocco: Carbonaceous chondrite (CM2). Found May 24, 2013. Tkw = about 6kg.
I am not sure of the total known on this material now but I suspect that it is not all that much greater than the originally reported 6kg or so. This was another meteorite (like Tirhert below) that showed up and quickly disappeared from availability. Anyway, pretty much all of that earlier available material was fragments (which I will be offering some of on a future list, thanks to a deal I got before the show) or individuals. I have seen very few pieces that have been cut to show the classic CM2 interior. This is probably because it is hard to cut this kind of material and not have much of it crumble to some extent. This is a complete slice of a fragment that looks to have crust (though somewhat wind polished) around 50% of the edge.
1.47 gram slice – 16mm x 15mm x 3mm - $50

NWA (7655): Carbonaceous chondrite (CR2). Found before August 2012. Tkw = 250 grams.
Here is a complete slice most likely out of the center of the single stone recovered. In fact, the label on the side of the plastic display box this is in says it is the main mass. This particular meteorite has a bit of a different look to it than what I usually think of for a CR2. This has far fewer armored chondrules than what I usually think of for a CR2. However, this has quite a few metal chondrules and a few strange chondrules and inclusions that have fine metal flakes inside them. Not as visually striking as the usual stuff but then this makes it certain that this is NOT just another NWA (801) pairing (and priced a bit cheaper per gram than I got out of pieces of that material).
15.92 slice – 42mm x 40mm x 3mm - $350 – “main mass”

NWA (8056): HED achondrite (Eucrite), polymict, gabbroic. Found 2013. Tkw = 1560 grams.
Two similar stones were recovered, one weighing 960 grams and the other 600 grams. Research work on pieces of both specimens showed that they were indeed the same material. This meteorite is a fragmental breccia composed mostly of gabbroic eucrite clasts (so, even though it looks very similar visually to my recent NWA (8386) HED this is completely different). This is a nice complete slice that is in a really neat little display box. It is a black plastic frame with a black velvet back ground (looks great for this specimen). What is even better is that this display box has a flip out stand that allows the specimen to sit at an angle for easier viewing.
3.57 gram complete slice – 45mm x 28mm x 1mm - $50

SAHARA (97091): Enstatite chondrite (EH3). Found 1997. Tkw (for this stone anyway) = 6140 grams.
I picked up this specimen with the intentions of breaking it up. I have found it quite difficult to be able to acquire and offer ANYTHING that is a fresh enstatite chondrite for less than around $50/g. This piece being super thin would have allowed me to offer light weight but large surface area slices for affordable amounts of a meteorite that I have seen labeled as one of THE most primitive known. Thankfully I did a little research before carrying on with that plan. It turns out that this slice was cut from the center of the largest EH3 meteorite known. The next closest EH3s in size are a couple down at 2.5kg. Interestingly, there are only 3 EH (anything) existing that are larger than the Sahara 97091 stone that could produce a large EH slice. So, I came close to busting up likely the largest EH3 slice known! Interestingly, this slice has a shape that clearly looks like the profile of a woman. Most people that saw it call it “Queen Nefertiti”. An amazing piece that I will not break up intentionally.
140.4 gram complete slice – 250mm x 140mm x 1mm - $3500

TIRHERT, Morocco: (Eucrite), unbrecciated. Fell July 9, 2014. Tkw = around 8 kilograms.
I remember seeing a few pieces of this available not long after the fall (Denver 2014 fall show maybe). Those pieces were mostly complete individuals that had the most amazingly bright shiny crust I have ever seen on any meteorite. They were fantastic specimens but has a pretty fantastic (ly high) price to go with them – something close to $150/gram I think. I thought at the time that this material would become ever more available and ever cheaper (remember Chelyabinsk? It started at around $300/g right after the fall and dropped to around $25/g by the time I acquired some a few months later). Well, this neat new meteorite was one of the ones that never became really available or really cheap. I honestly don’t recall seeing much, if any, of this fall available after that Denver show and, perhaps, the next Tucson. This piece is a part slice cut from one of the larger pieces recovered. It has the fantastic shiny crust around 50% of the edge. The interior shows a great mix of white plagioclase and greenish brown pyroxene crystals.
8.48 gram part slice – 43mm x 25mm x 3mm - $850