Thursday, 25 June 2015

Blaine Reed Meteorites For Sale- List 175 - Meteorite watches

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…………………………………………………..LIST 175

June 24, 2015

Dear collectors,
  Here is your chance to buy, wear and show off a stylish new watch this summer. I have a group photo of these loaded in my computer and ready to send to anyone interested.

Here is a selection of wrist- watches that were brought to me in Tucson. These belonged to a collector (not from the original source) who bought these years ago at a show in Europe. Regardless, all but one are in brand new, unworn condition. The three that are quartz movements have also had new batteries put in them. These three also come with certificates (in German I think) stating that they are meteorite watches.

a) GIBEON faced watch.
This is the smallest sized watch of the group, and is, by far the lightest as the case is made out of Titanium. This is also the only watch that shows any sign of use (I was told it was worn a couple times and then set aside). The dial (27mm diameter) shows a nice typical Gibeon fine octahedrite etch and gold tone hands. The case and buckle are a nice brushed gray titanium metal. This has an orange- brown leather band. - $150

b) DAMASCUS style dial face:
This is probably the largest watch of the group (about 40mm diameter). The dial itself is around 32mm diameter and has the wavy bands of light and dark layers like a damascus forged knife. I have no idea what meteorite this was made from, unfortunately. Regardless, it is a good looking item. The case looks to be mostly polished stainless (and the XRF says the same). The 4mm wide rim around the crystal is brushed and has engraved roman numerals which makes it easier to accurately set and read this watch (this is the ONLY watch of the group that has numbers for reference). This comes with a black leather band. The original price (sticker is still on this) was $300. Now yours for $200

c) GIBEON faced watch:
This is a fairly simple watch by overall design but has an artistic flare. It is a basic brushed stainless steel case on a black likely leather band. The dial (28mm diameter) is etched Gibeon and has simple black hands. The interesting feature of this watch is that it has a couple dozen or so tiny faceted gem stones (likely cubic zirconia. They sparkle really bright but I doubt they used actual diamonds here) that free-float between two glass plates above the dial. No purpose, but quite eye-catching in the light. This didn’t have any original price info with it but I suspect that it was not terribly cheap as it comes in an interesting (custom?) holder/ display box. - $225

d) TOLUCA (?) faced watch.
This one is my favorite of the group. This is partly because it is the only mechanical (wind-up) of the group (no batteries needed but if you forget to wind it you won’t know what time it is) and partly for its style. The dial (26mm diameter) has a cut-away area that allows some of the winding and setting mechanisms to be seen (that are normally hidden under the dial). I cannot be certain that this is Toluca but it has an etch that certainly looks similar to Toluca (though perhaps just a but smaller in plate size than some I’ve seen) and I know this was a popular meteorite for high end watch dials years ago. This is an 18 jewel movement (no maker info that I could see) and also has another high end feature (that I don’t have on any of my mechanical watches in my collection) it has an alarm! The original price sticker is still on this one and it was $500. It can now be yours for $350