Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Blaine Reed Meteorites For Sale- List 155

Blaine Reed Meteorites For Sale- List 155

Blaine Reed
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…………………………………………………LIST 155

June 24, 2014

Dear collectors,

Here is a small offering of some interesting items I got a few days ago. I know, this list should have gone out last week but I did not have this new material (or much of anything new for that matter). I will also likely be missing the next scheduled offering time (July 1st) as I will be leaving town a day or two later. I’ll be gone for the long holiday weekend and should be back home around July 8th.

ABEE, Canada: Enstatite chondrite (EH4), imb. Fell June 9, 1952. Tkw = 107kg.
Here are a few small slices (actually, the smaller pieces are more like little bars with polished edges) or those of you that want a piece of this rare and important meteorite in your collection with out spending a fortune. These piece are all very fresh and show lots of metal and brecciation (even on the small ones). The “big” one is very nice (such that I was tempted to hang on to it for my micro collection).
a)       .22 gram slice – 8mm x 3mm x 2mm - $15
b)       .56 gram slice – 12mm x 4mm x 3mm - $30
c)       1.44 gram slice – 13mm x 11mm x 3mm - $75

ALLENDE, Mexico: (CV3). Fell February 8, 1969.
Here is a super fresh broken fragment that has some patches of crust (around 30mm x 10mm and another around 12mm x 10mm). Not much to look at honestly, but it might be a good piece to make some nice small slices (or thin-sections) from. The rumor I got with this piece is that the researcher that it had it years ago got it from Dr. King. Now way to prove that at this point, but this piece is fresh enough to make that story more than believable.
                30.9 gram fragment with some crust – 30mm x 28mm x 20mm - $250

KLAMATH FALLS, Oregon: Specimen bottle.
I got excited over seeing this one in the “collection” as I have never had a piece of Klamath Falls before. It seems I still haven’t. There were two small cut fragments (and some powder) in a small bottle that is labeled “Klamath Co. Museum” and gives an (old) address. This was then in a bag with a card labeled “Klamath Falls”. However, close inspection revealed that this had a some what grainy texture to it (Not something you want to see in an iron meteorite). I checked it with a magnet and, sure enough, it did not stick, My XRF says that this is mostly copper (around 60%) with arsenic (17%) and lead (11%) and a bunch of other stuff. So, not a meteorite but the bottle is cool. This was from an old research collection and I suppose it is possible that the person who had this years ago was working on something from the area (that the Klamath Falls Museum had) that was not a meteorite. No telling now.
                “Klamath Falls” museum labeled bottle containing two mineral fragments - $20

MBALE, Uganda: Ordinary chondrite (L5/6). Fell August 14, 1992. Tkw = 108+ kg.
This was readily available years ago but I rarely see it these days. None the less, it is still among the cheapest of witnessed falls. This is just a nice fragment with a polished face (curved though. I think someone simply polished out a naturally broken edge as opposed to cutting first). This has some crust – an area around 12mm x 11mm. This is not one of the earliest recoveries as it shows some minor rust spotting but is still very fresh so it is not a late recovery either. This comes with a nice specimen card that is generic (no collection name) except a note that says something like “from Pieter Heydelaar” I believe. This makes sense as I know Pieter (a famous gold dealer that dabbles in meteorites a bit) had quite a bit of Mbale years ago.
                3.3 gram fragment with polished face – 20mm x 10mm x 11mm - $15

PLAINVIEW (1917), Texas. (H5) breccia. Found 1917 but may have fallen spring of 1903.
Here is a really nice aesthetic little “micro” slice. It has one crusted edge (one of the shorter edges, unfortunately) with lots of metal and some shock veins in a nice mottled light brown matrix.
                2.1 gram slice – 20mm x 10mm x 3mm - $15

St. MICHEL, Finland: Ordinary chondrite (L6). Fell July 12, 1910. Tkw = 25.4 kg.
I probably priced this on wrong. I know I have heard of it and had pieces of it in the past but I, unfortunately, don’t have any idea what this stuff is “going for” out there so I guessed (more than something like Mbale but less than L’Aigle). So, either someone out there is going to get a great deal or I’ll have this one in Denver. This a thick part slice that is all cut sides except one broken edge (no crust, unfortunately).
                4.3 gram slice – 22mm x 10mm x 10mm - $80 -SOLD

SULTANPUR, India: Ordinary chondrite (L6), black. Fell July 10, 1916. Tkw = 1711 grams.
Now this one I priced high as there seems to be very little of it known and very little of it distributed. I think I have had crumbs of this in the past but this is a much larger “crumb”. This is a small cut fragment that likely broke off o a larger slice sometime in the past.
                .26 gram cut fragment – 8mm x 5mm x 3mm - $100

TENNASILM, Estonia: Ordinary chondrite (L4), veined. Fell June 28, 1872. Tkw = 28.5 kg.
This is a small fresh flake/ fragment. Thankfully, its thinness actually gives it a pretty good surface area.
                .30 gram fragment – 10mm x 6mm x 2mm - $25