Saturday, 13 April 2013

Blaine Reed Meteorites For Sale -List 136 David New labeled material

Blaine Reed Meteorites For Sale -List 136 David New labeled material

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April 13, 2013

Dear Collectors,

Here is a neat small collection of David New labeled material I picked up in Phoenix recently. All of these are nice specimens and come with a corresponding David New label. These are not in alphabetical or type order, just in order that they were in the plastic storage/ tackle box that they came in.

I know, this was supposed to go out Tuesday (the 16th) But I am, yet again, leaving town (I have been gone something like 7 weeks this year so far). I am going up to the Denver Spring Show next weekend. I will be leaving Thursday morning so waiting until Tuesday to send this out would have only left 2 days to take, pack and ship orders (on top of trying to prepare and pack for the trip). I don't set up at this show. It is the only one where I am not stuck permanently in a room. I get to wander around and visit/ work deals with the dealers that are set up. However, I will have a "sleeping room" at the hotel. So, if there is anybody out there that will be attending the show and wants me to bring anything in particular to see, please let me know so I can get it packed for the trip. I should get back home from this trip on Tuesday the 23rd.

MILLBILLILLIE, Australia: Achondroite (eucrite).
Here is another piece but this is a nice complete slice that has nice natural (uncleaned) crust completely around its edge. The interior is the bright salt and pepper texture of much of this material but does have a couple zones (one vein like) that are really fine grained.
14.4 gram complete slice – 37mm x 33mm x 5mm - $250

CAMEL DONGA, Australia: Achondrite (eucrite). Found 1984. Tkw = 30+ kilograms.
This is a complete individual. It is a later recovery as the crust is complete but no longer fully shiny but closer to 50% shiny and somewhat brown in areas. Early found pieces of this meteorite (in the late 80's) were often really nice with black shiny crust. This eucrite was unusual in that it has a high amount of native iron in it. It is probably this that caused this material to weather so rapidly (and does indicate that, as we suspected at the time, this fell very shortly before it was first "found").
14.7 gram individual – 28mm x 20mm x 17mm - $350

TENHAM, Australia: Ordinary chondrite (L6). Fell Spring 1879.
Not sure whether to call this a slice or an end piece. It was obviously cut off of a naturally broken end of a stone but there is a little bit of sanding flat spots on that natural broken surface. Regardless, this is a nice specimen and has complete fusion crust around its edge.
13.0 gram complete "slice" – 33mm x 25mm x 5mm - $100

HOLBROOK, Arizona: Ordinary chondrite (L/LL 6). Fell July 19, 1912.
The label on this has one minor error – it lists the fall year as 1915 (a "mint error" perhaps?). Any way this is a part slice that has two cut edges and the remainder is fusion crusted (about 50% of the edge is crusted). This has a little bit of wetahering to it, so it was not a real early recovery but nice none the less. It does have an interesting 4mm troilite nodule on the polished side. Wasn't sure how to price this one. More recent find individuals and fragments have generally been offered to me around $20 to $30/ gram.
14.4 gram part slice – 37mm x 28mm x 5mm - $400

HENBURY, Australia: Iron. Medium octahedrite (IIIAB). Found 1931.
This is a nice shaped little individual that has been wire brushed (rare for Henbury actually). It has a long sculpted shape resembling many of the Canyon Diablo rim specimens I have seen but still has some red dirt in a deeper spot clearly showing that this nice piece is indeed a Henbury.
38.2 gram elongate brushed individual – 65mm x 20mm x 10mm - $100

MOLDAVITE: Besednice locality.
It has been a long time since I have had a Besednice moldavite. This locality is famous for the deeply etched frilly shaped specimens found there. No other locality really quite matches the sculpting/ delicate shapes of the Besednice pieces. This is a nice complete specimen that is thin so it does not have as deep o etching as some I've seen (but it clearly shows beautiful green coloration even in a box). However, it does have a fairly delicate frilly edge.
2.5 gram complete specimen – 38mm x 15mm x 5mm - $75

WILUNA, Australia: Ordinary chondrite. (H5). Fell September 2, 1967. Tkw = 150+ kilograms.
This is basically a complete slice of a fragment that was found some time after the fall. It has brown fusion crust along 50% of the edge (remainder being natural break). The interior still shows lots of metal and chondrules in a mixed tan and brown matrix.
18.7 gram complete slice – 55mm x 25mm x 5mm - $150

ESQUEL, Argentina: Stony-iron (pallasite). Found before 1951. Tkw = 750 kilograms.
This is a fairly thick rectangular slice that I strongly suspect David got from Alan Lang as one side is unpolished. Some 25 years ago some of us dealers got some 5kg blocks of Esquel and this was how Alan prepared his pieces early on (we had little time to get things ready for the Tucson show, I barely got my pieces done in time). Regardless, this piece shows really pretty gemmy mostly green olivines. This could be cut into several thinner pieces, but then the matching New label would no longer match.
20.5 gram rectangular slice – 30mm x 20mm x 7mm - $500

GIBEON, Namibia: Iron. Fine octahedrite (IVA). Found 1836.
This is a thick rectangular piece that has one natural edge. This is obviously a fairly old piece as the coating has yellowed quite a bit but has done a great job of keeping the piece rust free. One face is etched and shows a nice texture.
44.2 gram part slice – 30mm x 20mm x 9mm - $90