Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Blaine Reed Meteorites - List 123 my largest carbonaceous, etc.

Blaine Reed Meteorites - List 123 my largest carbonaceous, etc.

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July 3, 2012

Dear Collectors,

Here is a slightly abbreviated list. I have been busy with things around the house (nothing like cleaning up the garage for a couple days in 100 degree plus heat to knock you back a bit) and have not had much time to pull things together. I will also be heading out of town for the weekend. I had planned on leaving Thursday morning but I likely will delay leaving until Friday. I should be back by next Tuesday afternoon at the latest. I MAY have computer access on parts of this trip (I will try), so if you notice this list sometime after Friday morning, do feel free to leave a message (if phoning – Linda will pass that on to me) or e-mail. I will get back to you either way as soon as I can.

DARWIN GLASS, Tasmania, Australia.
I had this, one of my largest pieces ever, set aside for a collector since I listed this stuff back in October last year. He, unfortunately, had some health issues. He has recovered, thankfully, but his collecting has not. So, here is a second chance for someone out there to get a fairly big piece of this crater/ impact glass.
36.9 gram fragment – 40mm x 28mm x 25mm - $90

HASSAYAMPA, Arizona: (H4). Found before 1963. Tkw = 16kg.
Here are some small slices from TCU/ Monig Collection. This is quite fresh material and shows lots of metal in a medium brown matrix. Two of these (the 7.5g and the 15.0g) have a nice edge of black fusion crust. All of these have a TCU/ Monig label.
1) Slices:
a) 4.0 grams – 28mm x 10mm x 5mm - $14
b) 7.5 grams – 25mm x 25mm x 4mm - $27 – one edge crusted.
c) 9.7 grams – 32mm x 20mm x 5mm - $34
d) 15.0 grams – 31mm x 24mm x 5mm - $53 – one edge crusted.

JUANCHENGE, China: (H5). Fell February 15, 1997. Tkw = 100+kilograms.
This is a nice complete individual that has a Lang Collection label with it. It is a piece that was properly taken care (some of these stones were really rusty – I was told from the finders soaking them in water to make them weigh more because they were offered money by weight for them). It has some faint hints of brown, but light enough that it is likely from Alan's humid home environment rather than a Chinese finder's soaking. There are a few minor chipped areas, but these show light secondary crust.
22.9 gram individual – 30mm x 22mm x 18mm - $125

NWA Carbonaceous: (CO3). Found before September 2010. Tkw = 15,947 grams.
This is currently my largest stone meteorite! (it may even be my largest meteorite period at this point). It was sold to me as "just" an LL3. But once I received it, it was clearly a CO3! This is currently in research and has been confirmed a CO3. I am still waiting for the subtype (I might regret selling this if then later turns out to be a 3.0). This is a large single stone that appears to be oriented (dome shaped with some flow lines down parts of the side). This is likely the 4th or 5th largest pieces of CO3 known (depending upon how much Isna has been cut down). This is a special offer price and I will pull this item if a deal on a piece of land I am selling does go through (at this point it is one or the other). I had this in Tucson at $50k (and came fairly close to a deal – money and trade any way – on it at that price). Even that price (around $3/g) is what the Moroccans are asking for any stone they think is a type 3 (H, L, LL's anyway) these days.
15,900gram likely oriented individual - 295mm x 220mm x 150mm - $25,000

NWA (1648): (Diogenite), polymict breccia. Found October 2002. Tkw = 803 grams.
This looks a lot like a howardite actually but the science work on it would have easily caught it if it was. These are 4 nice cut fragments (3 around 1 cm sized and one closer to 5mm) in a membrane box that is in a Riker mount with a Lang collection label. These would probably be great for re-sale.
1.8 grams, 4 fragments - $65

NWA (1929): (howardite). Found 2003. Tkw = "922 grams".
Here are a couple slices that are likely from that original piece that Mike Farmer hauled back from Morocco (before it was discovered that the was a fairly large strew field of this stuff soon after). I am still waiting to see/ hear if they have determined yet if these things (the HED achondrites) really are from Vesta. I have heard the occasional rumor that they are, but nothing concrete (hey – we have been orbiting the thing for a year now. I have seen plenty of interesting pictures but not much in the way of science discovery notes). Both of these appear to be complete slices, but they have broken edges that I am not certain if they are natural or not. Both come in a plastic display box and have their original Michael Farmer Meteorites labels.
a) 5.0 gram slice – 35mm x 20mm x 3mm - $80
b) 17.1 gram slice – 48mm x 26mm x 6mm - $250

RENFROW, Oklahoma: (L6). Found 2003. Tkw = 81.6kilograms.
Either this or an Etter I bought early on was the largest stone meteorite I have ever had (these two were both right at the 180 pound size – I didn't have a scale that could really accurately weigh these monsters back then). Regardless, this is pretty much the only piece I have of this meteorite (other than the 1697g largest slice I have in my collection) at this point. I now pretty much have to rely on pieces bought from collectors (as this was) to be able to offer any of this these days. Hard to imagine that much material disappearing into collections around the world to only be seen on rare occasions. Any way, this is a complete slice that I recently picked up from a collector in Oklahoma that is downsizing his collection (not so many dinner plate sized slices on his shelf these days – allows for more smaller specimens).
898.7 gram complete slice – 290mm x 200mm x 6mm - $1700