Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Blaine Reed Meteorites - List 108 and Denver Show info

Blaine Reed Meteorites - List 108 and Denver Show 2011 info

Blaine Reed
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September 6, 2011

Dear Collectors,

Here is the info for the Denver show this next week (waaaay to soon, I am just now beginning to pack) and a small offering of Monig specimens (most have Monig Collection labels – I'll make note of those that do or do not in the descriptions).

As usual. I will be in the Holiday Inn "Denver Central" (4849 Bannock St for any of you wanting to use a GPS to find the place). Also as usual, I will be in room 224. I should be set up and have my door open by noon Tuesday (the 13th). I will be open through late afternoon Sunday (the 18th). The days in between I should have my door open by 10am and plan on being open until about 10pm. HOWEVER, I may close early Friday night so I can attend the COMETS auction and festivities, so don't be surprised to find my door shut after 6:30 or so that day.

I will be leaving either Saturday mid day or Sunday morning (leaning towards Sunday as far behind as I am at the moment) and will not be getting back until September 21st (as I will be staying in Denver a couple days after the show to generally goof-off). SO, please don't expect to reach me between the 9th and the 21st. I do apologize that this does not leave a lot of time to look over this small offering. I will do my best to have any orders packed up and ready to ship right up until Friday night though.

PONY CREEK, Texas. (H4). Found 1947. Tkw = 4.6kg.
I had a special request for some of this during the Denver Spring show. I was completely out of the little amount I had of this from earlier so I had to beg for a bit more. I got a nice box containing a hand full more pieces of this material. This is weathered, but still shows lots of metal in a dark (almost black) gray-green matrix. Not a lot of this was cut, so I don't expect to see much of this once these pieces are gone. All of these except the 2 smallest come with a Monig label.
1) Slices:
a) 4.9 grams – 34mm x 15mm x 3mm - $20
b) 6.8 grams – 55mm x 25mm x 2mm - $30
c) 12.1 grams – 35mm x 20mm x 5mm - $48
d) 19.3 grams – 70mm x 35mm x 2mm - $80
e) 29.8 grams – 50mm x 20mm x 6mm - $120
f) 86.5 grams – 90mm x 65mm x 5mm - $325

TSAREV, Russia: (L5). Found 1968. Tkw = 1132kg.
Here are 4 slices of this material (this is all I have, so no replacements are available for sold pieces on this one). This is quite weathered. It does not show any clear metal grains, just spots and veins of magnetite and hematite. I seem to recall that all of the pieces I have seen of this meteorite are like this. This is not a big surprise to me as my XRF showed that there is quite a lot of chlorine hiding in this stuff (7 or 8% I think). All of these pieces come with a Monig Collection label.
1) Slices:
a) 5.1 grams – 19mm x 13mm x 7mm - $20
b) 11.8 grams – 27mm x 19mm x 6mm - $40
c) 17.4 grams – 45mm x 18mm x 6mm - $55
d) 39.0 grams – 52mm x 30mm x 7mm - $120

SOMERVELL COUNTY, Texas: (Pallasite). Found 1919. Tkw = 11.8kg.
Here a few odd pieces of this pallasite that I received along with a bit larger (and nicer) specimen that I specially asked for a friend who wanted a piece of this. These are indeed all odd and not highly prepared. The smallest does resemble somewhat an end piece. The 4.9g piece is a long rough cut slice portion. The largest is actually fairly nice, but it is stuck in a chunk of resin. None of these are particularly nice, but then, very little of this is available in any form. NOTE THOUGH, that I think Ann Black is having some of this material prepared up in slices that are properly polished. So, those of you that want to wait may have a shot at some better pieces. Anther note – none of these specimens came with a label. These were really kind of left over cutting scraps.
a) 3.7 gram end piece – 13mm x 11mm x 7mm - $55
b) 4.9 gram slice – 28mm x 8mm x 6mm - $65
c) about 5g end piece in resin – 22mm x 22mm x 5mm - $70