Saturday, 16 April 2011

Blaine Reed Meteorites: List 102 - yet more after Tucson stuff

Blaine Reed Meteorites:  List 102 - yet more after Tucson stuff
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LIST 102
April 16, 2011

Dear Collectors,

Here is yet another "brought it home from the show" list. This is going out at an odd time (sorry about this) as I will likely be leaving Wednesday for a trip (Leadville, Denver, possibly more). I wanted to have this out early enough so people could look it over and place orders before I have to take off (sending it out Tuesday afternoon and then leaving Wednesday morning certainly would not have worked well). I tried to get this out yesterday, but was far to busy with random calls and such to get finished with typing it until well after 5pm (something like midnight for people in Europe) so here it is on Saturday. 

ALLENDE, Mexico: (CV3.2). Fell February 8, 1969.
This is a nice complete slice of the portion that is a bit more chondrule-rich than much of Allende. Much of Allende is a bit more bluish/gray and has fewer chondrules. This is more of the slightly greenish gray stuff that looks more like Axtell.
35.3 gram complete slice – 80mm x 60mm x 2.5mm - $375

COLE CREEK, Nebraska: (H5). Found 1991. Tkw = 16.3kg.
This is a fairly large part slice that has one cut edge (the others are mostly weathered fusion crust and old break, The fusion crust makes up more than 2/3 though). This is quite weathered but it does show a good number of chondrules in a mixed brown and gray matrix (no real fresh metal though). I haven't seen any of this for quite a long time.
140.6 gram slice – 10mm x 75mm x 6mm - $385

DAR AL GANI (400): Libya: Lunar anorthositic breccia. Found 1998. Tkw = 1425 grams.
This is a small fragment that I obviously sold many years ago (it has a mane and weight sticker with my writing on the back of the gem box it is displayed in). 
.02 gram fragment – 3mm x 2.5mm x 1.5mm - $50

HaH (314), Libya: (LL6). Found 2001. Tkw = 1470 grams.
This is fresh stuff. This looks as fresh as most falls, with only some tiny hints of brown staining. It has a good amount (for an LL) of fresh iron and quite a nice breccia texture (including a couple dark inclusions that could be carbonaceous or shock-melt. This is a complete slice of a fragment (no cut edges, but I don't see any distinct crust either.
2.8 gram slice – 25mm x 24mm x 1.5mm - $25

HVITTIS, Finland: Enstatite chondrite (EL6). Fell October 21, 1901. Tkw = 14kg.
This is a nice roughly square slice with on edge of fusion crust. It is fresh with lots of fine-grained metal in a mixed medium brown and gray matrix. 
7.5 gram slice – 37mm x 29mm x 1.5mm - $675

NWA (801): carbonaceous chondrite (CR2). Found 2000. Tkw = 5kg+.
This is a nice individual. It looks to be at least ½ and likely a complete individual with most of the surface being the proper smooth/ rounded shape and a relatively flat face making up one side. This may be a broken specimen (but a very old break if that is the case), or possibly an oriented individual. Unfortunately the crust has been wind-polished enough (as pretty much all of the pieces of this find were) that it is difficult to tell. The plus side is that this wind-polishing does allow a lot o chondrules to show on the surface.
11.4 gram individual as found – 25mm x 19mm x 15mm - $180 

NWA (1929): (Howardite). Found 2003. Tkw = 922++ grams (probably 20 or 30kg actually).
These are more of the membrane boxed super thin slices. These 3 pieces all show a nice breccia texture.
a) 22mm x 15mm - $15
b) 24mm x 20mm - $20
c) 25mm x 24mm - $25

NWA (4290): (LL3.1). Found 2005. Tkw = 1101 grams.
Here are yet some more of the super-thin slices in a membrane box I have been offering lately (I have 3 of these). These show LOTS of chondrules. These also allow light top pass through some of the minerals like a thin-section!
20mm x 20mm slice in membrane box - $40

NWA (4857): Martian Shergottite. Found August 2007. Tkw = about 1kg.
This is a nice small individual. It still has a fair amount of crust (covering probably 50% of the piece), with the remainder being wind polished away (this does seem to be a complete specimen). A nice little Mars rock for the person that wants basically complete specimens.
.38 gram individual – 8mm x 5mm x 5mm - $230 

PARK FOREST, Illinois: (L5). Fell March26, 2003. Tkw = 12.25+kg.
This is a small fragment in a gem stone box. The back has a small sticker claiming that this is a piece of one of the
most famous house hitters. I am not completely sure I believe this though as it is spelled "the Gaza House stone". It should be
Fragment 5mm x 2mm x 2mm - $20

PARNALEE, India: (LL3.6). Fell February 28, 1857. Tkw = 77.6 kg.
This is a nice little part slice (one cut edge, others appear to be natural fractures). This shows a nice variety of chondrules of a wide range of sizes and color. I have not had a piece of this in a long time and it cost a small fortune to get a hold of this piece. 
3.4 gram slice – 23mm x 13mm x 4mm - $150

YILMIA, Australia: enstatite chondrite (EL6). Found 1969. Tkw = 40kg.
I have only these 2 specimens. The smaller is a cut fragment in a capsule, the larger is a complete slice (of a fragment anyway). This stuff is fairly weathered, but the larger piece does have a couple areas (comprising nearly half of the surface area) that still shows lots of fine-grained metal and has the E-chondrite look. I have only ever had a few pieces of this material over the years.
a) .14 gram cut fragment in a capsule - $15
b) 2.62 gram slice – 23mm x 11mm x 3mm - $200