Sunday, 23 January 2011

Blaine Reed Tucson Show 2011

Blaine Reed Meteorites - Tucson Show 2011
Show Room Ramada Limited, Room 134.

about January 26th until about February 17th
from 10AM until - ?

Show info: I will be gone from home from about January 26th until about February 17th (a couple days longer than usual. Just as last year, I need to deliver stuff to and visit with my uncle in Phoenix. This time it is to deliver stuff from my mom's estate). I will be at my usual show location: Ramada Limited, room 134. This is at St Marys and the interstate (next to Denny's) - just 1/4 mile or so due West of Inn Suites (Now called Hotel Tucson City Center - where many of the other meteorite dealers are). My room is about mid-way down the length of the motel (right next to the walk through actually) on the west side of the building (on the parking lot side - and there is often parking available right in front of my room). I should be open the afternoon of January 29th through the afternoon of February 12th. There is always the chance I may leave a couple days early if things get really slow. I have not done this the past few years (but things sure got slow enough last year for me to seriously consider it), but notify me if you plan to see me those last couple days so I will be extra sure to stick around. I will be open every day in between - generally from 10AM until - ? (usually at least 7pm if I am going out to eat and often until 10pm or so other nights).