Friday, 31 December 2010

Blaine Reed Meteorites List 98 - Norton County and other Monig specimens

Blaine Reed
P.O. Box 1141
Delta, CO 81416
Ph/fax (970) 874-1487
December 28, 2010

Dear Collectors,

I really had not planned on having any further lists this year. I was supposed to be in Denver this week. Unfortunately the weather and several deals that need to be finished (including picking up a nice 8.4kg natural Gibeon specimen from the owner in Grand Junction yesterday) prevented this. The weather is not bad right now (sunny – only the second day in weeks! My solar system has not proven to be of much use the past couple months, unfortunately). But, another big storm is moving in and expected to stay awhile. Linda has jury duty January 3rd as well and I cannot risk getting stuck an extra week in Denver right now (as happened all last December and January on every trip I made up there to clean up my Aunt's estate).
Any way, these are a few things from TCU. Most of these have a Monig collection label. The large Travis (a) slice and the fragment lots of Norton County don't, unfortunately (I may be able to get a label made up for the Travis (a) piece and send that to the buyer later though).

NORTON COUNTY, Kansas: enstatite achondrite (Aubrite). Fell February 18, 1948. Tkw = 1175kg.
I have not had any of this in a looong time, particularly pieces large enough to actually weigh (the 4 fragment lot could have easily been broken down into 4 individually weighed specimens). As mentioned above, the two large specimens (3.1g and 18.0g) come with Monig Collection labels.
a) 2.9 grams of fragments (crumbs to about 7 or 8mm in size) in glass vial - $75
b) 3.0 grams; 4 nice fragments (roughly equal size) - $120
c) 3.1 gram fragment – 18mm x 15mm x 8mm - $120
d) 18.0 gram fragment – 31mm x 28mm x 16mm - $675 – this has a really large enstatite crystal (30mm x 20mm x 10mm) on one end.

TRAVIS COUNTY (a), Texas: (H5). Found 1889. Tkw = 175.4kg.
This is the fresher (by a bit) of the two Travis County stones. It has a good number of metal and sulfide rimmed chondrules in a dark green/gray matrix. This piece also has a few large Troilite inclusions (one that is about 10mm x 6mm).
136.9 gram complete slice – 175mm x 80mm x 3mm - $200

TRAVIS COUNTY (b), Texas: (H4). Found before 1980. Tkw = 5.9kg.
This is the rarer of the two Travis County stones. It is a bit more weathered than the Travis (a), but is still nice. These pices show lots of chondrules (really visible on the back unpolished side) in a mixed medium to dark brown matrix.
a) 20.1 gram part slice – 45mm x 34mm x 5mm - $40
b) 64.2 gram ½ slice – 80mm x 60mm x 5mm - $120

TULIA (d), Texas: (H6). Found 1981. Tkw = 17.7kg.
Yep, I did sell the last piece I had of this from the last list, BUT the folks at TCU noticed this offering and sent up a couple pieces (2 "large" complete slices) that they had set aside somewhere (as inventory for potential trades with other museums, perhaps). Any way, I am offering the largest here. I have a very similar 99.2 gram piece, but I am temporarily holding that one for someone that wanted the 74g one I had last time but missed out.
114.1 gram complete slice – 100mm x 84mm x 4mm - $285

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Blaine Reed Meteorites List 97, more consigned plus "gift ideas"

Blaine Reed
P.O. Box 1141
Delta, CO 81416
Ph/fax (970) 874-1487
December 14, 2010

Dear Collectors,

Here is an offering of remaining consigned items and a couple things that turned up while doing inventory work (I have just begun this long tedious process, so more my turn up later). I also forgot about some beautiful sterling wire-wrapped Moldavite and Libyan glass pendants that would make great gifts, though I am, admittedly, a bit late on that. I can ship express if needed though..

HUCKITTA, Australia: (Pallasite).
This is a smaller piece than the last one I listed. This is a slice though.
6.3 grams slice (no cut edges) – 22mm x 17mm x 5mm - $12

NWA (----): Unstudied. Likely (L6) .
This is a nice part slice. It has 2 cut edges and the remainder shows slightly wind-polished black crust. The interior is also interesting. It shows a good number of black shock veins in a light brown matrix. Nice stuff, would not mind having a fairly large quantity of this one if it were available.
17.7 gram slice – 45mm x 30mm x 5mm - $20

NWA (-----): Unstudied. Likely (H5).
This is a nice complete slice that shows lots of metal in a mixed light to medium brown matrix. If it didn't have a wind-polished crust edge, I would probably guess that this was Gao.
17.2 gram complete slice – 52mm x 27mm x 4mm - $15

NWA (2907): Anomalous achondrite. Found before Sept. 2005. Tkw = 203grams.
This is some strange stuff I picked up at the Denver Show. It has the mineralogy of a diogenite but it appears to be from the parent body of the Mesosiderites. It certainly does not look anything like a diogenite. It has fine granular texture with some slightly larger (couple mm or so) clasts in a orangish to almost pinkish brown matrix. This is a consigned specimen. I think I have a few (but very few) pieces remaining of this of my own (though I have not come across them yet), so let me know if more of you want specimens and I will set them aside or you when I do locate mine.
.85 grams complete slice – 17mm x 10mm x 2mm - $65

SANTA VITORIA DO PALMAR, Brazil: (L3). Found 2003/2004.
This, as with the Huckitta, is a smaller piece than offered last time that turned up in the same consignment lot.
1.5 gram slice – 15mm x 8mm x 4mm - $8

SELMA, Alabama: (H4). Found 1906. Tkw = 141kg.
This is just a basic square cut sample(a nice "macro"). The unpolished back shows lots of chondrules. The front shows fewer chondrules (polishing darkens things) in a dark green and brown mixed matrix.
3.6 gram slice – 18mm x 17mm x 3mm - $30

SEYMCHAN, Russia; (Pallasite).
This is a nice rectangle cut iron piece. It has a beautiful etch and particularly well shows the fantastic diversity of this meteorite's structure (with areas that appear to be finest octahedrite structure as well as some bands that are almost coarsest octahedral width). A really nice piece and a testament to the stability of this stuff. This shows only the tinniest traces of brown rust staining along a couple crystal boundaries on the back even after spending considerable time in Florida (without special storage no less!).
62.0gram etched 9both sides) slice – 61mm x 41mm x 3mm - $90

TULIA (D), Texas: (H6). Found 1981. Tkw = 17.7kg.
This is my last piece of this, and I know the source (TCU) is not cutting any more. I don't think they cut much of this to begin with, so very little of it is floating around the collecting world. This is a large piece, but I have tried to price it very close (if not slightly under) what I paid for the thing. However, let me know if you want a smaller piece of this for your collection. If I get a number of "smaller pieces wanted" orders, I may break this down.
78.7 gram slice – 95mm x 70mm x 4mm - $175

ZAG, Morocco: (H3-6). Fell August 4 or 5 1998. Tkw = 175kg.
This is one of 2 meteorites that halite crystals were discovered in 9the other being Monahans, TX). This is a nice "E-Bay" lot perhaps. It consists of 5 pieces including 2 large pieces (23mm x 6mm x 5mm and 28mm x 10mm x 5mm) and a couple small (a bit under 1cm max dimension) fragments.
13.5 grams slices and fragments - $25

JEWELRY: I know, I really needed to have these offered last week (or earlier) but completely forgot about these things until I opened the box they were in while inventorying part of the vault a couple days ago. I am going to try to get Blake to take a group photo of these so I can send it to anyone interested. I will have the different sized moldavite and libyan glass pendants arranged from lightest (first listed below) to heaviest from left to right in the picture. The other items should be fairly obvious.

I have 2 necklaces that have a Campo nugget as the center piece. BUT, the remainder, in my opinion, is the best part. These are very well done. They use all kinds of glass and stone beads. The maker also felt (and I certainly agree) they were good enough to spend extra money to use a sterling "lobster claw" for the clasp. One is mostly blue and light purple, the other red and yellows. Your choice - $80

These are nice clear pieces (the largest does have a fair number of round white crystobalite inclusions though) that have wire-wrapped in sterling with almost indescribable skill. The "back side" of these is often even fancier on the silver work than what will be visible in the picture.
a) 7.6 grams total - $80 – glass sample is roughly 25mm x 16mm x 6mm. Overall pendant is 35mm x 25mm x 22mm.
b) 11.3 grams total - $115 – glass sample is roughly 30mm x 21mm x 8mm and roughly arrow-head shaped. Overall pendant is 53mm x 22mm x 10mm.
c) 12.4 grams total - $125 – glass sample is roughly 35mm x 20mm x 12mm. Overall pendant is 50mm x 25mm x 15mm.

These, as above, are fancy wrapped with sterling (except the carving – noted below and photoed next to the NWA (482) and Sikhote pieces). I tried to pick samples that have nice surface texture to them (no river-worn pieces here). Some do have broken or chipped areas, but they were wrapped such that this does not readily show from the front. Also, as above, the silver work is often fancier than that on the front (so accidentally wearing one of these backwards would still look great).
a) 9.4 grams total - $100 – moldavite is roughly 26mm x 17mm x 5mm. Overall pendant is 37mm x 30mm x 10mm.
b) 11.2 grams total - $115 – moldavite is roughly 40mm x 14mm x 6mm. Overall pendant is 63mm x 17mm x 12mm.
c) 17.2 grams total - $170 – moldavite is roughly 40mm x 12mm x 10mm. Overall pendant is 63mm x 17mm x 13mm (this has some really heavy sterling "wire" in it).
d) Moldavite with 3 amethyst gem stones. Now this is really special! The work in this thing is incredible. The moldavite is roughly 40mm x 12mm x 5mm and the overall pendant is 62mm x 25mm x 10mm - $250
e) Moldavite carving. This is a 18mm x 16mm x 9mm moldavite that has a beautiful woman's face carved into it (remainder is natural) and wire-wrapped in 14kt gold-filled wire. Total weight is 4.0g - $100.

NWA (482):
This is my last "moon dust" pendant. It is a small (20mm long) tear-drop glass vial with dust from the cutting of the NWA (482) moon rock. It is attached (glued?) to a 14kt gold bell cap. - $100

This is a nice basic shrapnel piece (roughly 28mm x 17mm x 6mm) wrapped simply but elegantly in sterling wire. Total piece is 13.5 grams and 40mm x 19mm x 7mm - $45

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

List 96, more miscellaneous consigned items

Blaine Reed
P.O. Box 1141
Delta, CO 81416
Ph/fax (970) 874-1487

..................................LIST 96

November 30, 2010

Dear Collectors,

I have been very busy with projects of various sorts and have not had time to put together any kind of list for the past month and a half. These items are actually from a box of consignments that was sent to me shortly after the Denver Show. I do hope to get on the ball and get inventory work started soon. That should bring out some special "only got a tiny bit left" offerings next month. Unfortunately though that on top of all of the other things I have been trying to accomplish I got notice yesterday that I need to prepare the "landing spot" for a trailer that will become my ultra-light's hanger. I have gotten tired of hanging myself trying to carefully get around all of the wires of the hang-glider wing taking up a substantial portion of my garage (I am beginning to think that the reason they call these wings "hang-gliders" is not because you hang underneath them while flying, but because you can't move around one that is completely or partially set up with out hanging yourself on a support wire or two). This was NOT a project I had planned on working on for the near term, but the trailer yard says it must be moved by the end of next week. I will have many hours of dirt moving and such to do now, so future lists (and the inventory work that will generate them) will likely be a bit delayed or oddly timed. I apologize for this.

ALLENDE, Mexico: Carbonaceous chondrite (CV3.2). Fell February 8, 1969.
This is a nice complete stone! It has a very high amount of crust coverage (something like 90% - only the usual chipped edges). What is interesting is that all o this crust shows lots of contraction cracks. This may be partly due to the act that I think that this may be a "later" recovery and some light colored dirt has settled into the cracks. However, this is not one of the really later recoveries, it is still very fresh (no rust, no lichen and such as found on some of the most recent recovered specimens). Another interesting feature is a crater where a 3mm chondrule popped out during the fall that is now fully crusted over.
8.8 gram crusted individual – 20mm x 17mm x 16mm - $90

BONITA SPRINGS, Florida: (H5). Found 1938. Tkw = 41.8 kg.
I am quite surprised at how fresh this is. I would think that any iron bearing meteorite found in Florida (or similar environment) would be deeply rust weathered. This is a nice light gray (there are some brown spots) color with lots of fresh metal.
3.0 gram slice – 18mm x 18mm x 3mm - $75

BRAHIN, Belarus: (pallasite). Found 1810. Tkw = 1000+kg.
This slice, of coarse, shows a fair amount of rusting, but it has not completely fallen apart (amazing considering it spent a long time in Florida). This does have some nice gemmy crystals though. One is really clear (only about 4mm x 4mm though) and could possibly be cut into a gem stone
5.7 gram slice – 27mm x 12mm x 5mm - $10

CANYON DIABLO, Arizona: rock flour.
This is a small container (approximately 20mm x 20mm x 15mm) that is a bit over half full of white powdered sandstone. This is some of the "rock flour" (highly shocked Coconino Sandstone) that was retrieved from the "mine" shaft in the bottom of the crater.
Approximately 18mm x 18mm x 10mm in box - $20

GHUBARA, Oman: (L5), black, xenolithic. Found 1954. Tkw = 250+kg.
2.5 gram slice – 15mm x 8mm x 6mm - $3

GOLD BASIN, Arizona: (L4). Found 1995.
This is nothing special, just a typical representative cut fragment ( the back side is natural, but I don't see anything I would call crust). It has the usual surprisingly fresh interior with a fair amount o metal in a mixed gray and brown matrix.
5.6 gram end piece –26mm x 13mm x 8mm - $8

HENBURY, Australia; Medium octahedrite (IIIAB). Found 1931.
This is just a typical natural individual. I used to have a lot of this stuff (in fact, this probably came from me years ago), but I am now down to only a small hand full (the strength of the Australian dollar combined with the weakness of the US dollar has made the "wholesale" price of this material higher than what I normally sold it for so I have not picked up any new materail in years).
8.6 gram natural individual – 20mm x 15mm x 6mm - $10

HUCKITTA, Australia: (pallasite).
This is an end piece of the usual oxide material.
21.6 gram end piece – 35mm x 13mm x 17mm - $32

IMILAC, Chile: (Pallasite).
This is a particularly nice "shrapnel" fragment. It has a really wild shape with some yellow and almost pinkish olivine in the deepest pockets.
10.0 gram fragment – 20mm x 18mm x 10mm - $60

MONTURAQUI, Chile: Impactite.
This is one of the better cut pieces of this I have seen.
7.7 gram end piece – 33mm x 23mm x 6mm - $15

MUNDRABILLA, Australia: Medium octahedrite, ungrouped.
This is just a basic natural individual metal nugget. Nice, but typical for this meteorite.
20.3 gram individual – 25mm x 17mm x 10mm - $20

NWA (------): unclassified, likely (H5).
This is a nice end piece with a large cut face (about 70mm x 60mm) that has not been polished (I can do this if you like). There is also another "test cut" on the back (about 35mm x 25mm). Overall, this is a nice specimen and would make an ideal "pass around" educational specimen. The interior is quite fresh – showing lots of metal in a light tan matrix (reminds of Gao). The exterior is very smooth (highly wind-polished) and has in interesting pinkish brown color. This looks shockingly similar (internally and externally) to the Sahara (99427) listed below, but then this piece weighs as much as the total reported (according the hand scribbled notes that came with all of this anyway – that Sahara stone has not been officially reported – according to Meteorites A to Z).
351.1 gram end piece – 70mm x 60mm x 40mm - $150

NWA (----), Unclassified.
This is just a typical fragment of chondrite (no real idea what kind as it has no cut or polished suraces).
7.0 gram fragment – 15mm x 15mm x 14mm - $3

NWA (482): Lunar impact melt breccia. Found 2000. Tkw = 1015grams.
This is a small fragment in a capsule in a magnifier box. This is almost completely white (anorthosite) with only a few hints of shock darkening.
.027 gram fragment 2.5mm x 2mm x 2mm - $50

NWA (2932) (Mesosiderite). Found 2005. Tkw = 15+kg.
I really wish I bought more of this when the "big" batch came out (I am out of it myself). This is what a mesosiderite should look like. It has a nice mix of metal (including one 5mm or so nodule) and silicates.
22.5 gram end piece – 40mm x 20mm x 13mm - $135

PUTORANA, Russia: Terrestrial Fe/Ni in basalt.
This is still a mystery to me. This has Fe, Ni ands even troilite. It is a breccia (unlike any other iron in basalt that I am aware of). This is a nice highly polished specimen that has loads of iron. This is a nice as any mesosiderite. This is the only piece of this I have (I am COMPLETELY sold out in my inventory).
7.8 gram slice – 40mm x 6mm x 5mm - $11

SAHARA (99427): Not reported but likely (H5), Tkw = 351.1 grams.
Here is a slice of this, unfortunately, unreported stone. It is quite fresh and shows lots of metal in a tan to brown matrix (reminds me of Gao).
43.2 gram slice – 47mm x 38mm x 8mm - $45

SANTA VITORIA DO PALMAR, Brazil. (L3). Ound 2003/2004. Tkw = 50.36kg.
This is the one, despite its rather dark matrix and lack of metal, that is reproted to have likely fallen June 25, 1997. I quickly sold all I had when I had a good quantity of it a few years ago. This does show lots of chondrules of all sizes, though there are a bit hidden in the dark brown matrix.
17.2 gram slice – 50mm x 25mm x 4mm - $80

SARIR QATTUSAH (001), Libya: (L/LL3). Found 1994. Tkw = 796 grams.
This is actually a nice specimen. It is weathered ( it only shows a few bits of metal) but it has lots of chondrules of different colors. It kind of reminds me of Ragland or Wells.
1.9 gram slice – 14mm x 12mm x 5mm - $30