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Blaine Reed Meteorites List# 73 21APR09

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…………………………………………………LIST 73
April 21, 2009

Dear Collectors,
Looking this over after just finishing typing, I notice that this is all semi- rare to really rare types (except the Etter), so look through this list carefully, there is a lot of interesting things hiding here. My next posting should be a copy of a mailed list I hope to be sending out soon to those of you on my mailing list. The posting of this may be slightly delayed from May 5th (the date I am supposed to put out my next e-mail posting) depending upon when I get the mailed version actually sent out (I try to time things so all of you will get it at roughly the same time). Denver spring show: Part of the delay in getting my mailed list out is from the fact that I will be visiting the Denver Spring show later this week (I will be gone the 23rd through about the 28th - weather determining, and it has been generally quite bad in the mountains lately, creating a lot of driving delays for me). The show is at the Holiday Inn at the intersection of I-25 and I-70 (same place I set up a room at for the September Fall show). This runs Friday through Sunday (April24th through 26th). I do not set up a room at this show, but consign a few items to Anne Black (thank you Anne!) who has a nice booth in the entrance hallway near the front desk. I will have other things with me as well. Be sure to let me know if any of you out there want me to bring any specific items for you (give me a contact phone number so I can figure out when we can meet).

AGOULT, Morocco: (Eucrite), unbrecciated.
Found March 200, tkw = 85g+.
This is my only piece remaining of this stuff that looks pretty much like Ibitira but lacks the gas bubbles. This is a nice slice that has nice crust along 60% or more of its edge. It is thick enough that it could easily be split into 2 or more thinner pieces.
4.8 gram slice - 23mm x 16mm x 4.5mm - $250

ETTER, Texas: (L5). Found 1965. Tkw = 338+kg.
This is a fantastic large display slice of this nice material. This was actually cut from a 180 pound piece I bought from a farmer back in 1993 (Robert Haag owned the end piece this was cut from for many years). It is currently my only piece of Etter and may be the only large complete slice still available out there in dealer's hands. This shows lots of metal (including a couple veins), a few large light green chondrules, plus a really large troilite complex (over 50mm long!) in a dark jade-green matrix.
1674 gram complete slice - 385mm x 215mm x 6mm - $3000

NWA 725: (Winonaite). Found July 4, 2000. Tkw = 3824g+.
This was originally classified as an Acapulcoite. Further work has shown it to be a Winonaite instead. This stuff has some dark chondrules in a light gray matrix (leading one researcher to comment that it should really be called a "W" chondrite as it is not truly an achondrite). This material so closely resembles an H chondrite (complete with lots of fresh metal) that it has caused me a lot of expense and grief having many similar looking things checked (I have a good assortment of nice H-chondrites that will soon be available from these efforts) to be sure they are not more of this rare stuff.
6.68 gram end piece - 24mm x 20mm x 10mm - $350

NWA 736: (H3.7). Tkw = 2766 grams.
I have offered piece of this from time to time over the years. I have very little left now. It is nice material. It shows lots of metal and small chondrules in a mixed light gray and tan matrix.
a) 2.3 gram cut fragment - 19mm x 15mm x 4mm - $10
b) 3.4 gram cut fragment - 20mm x 19mm x 5mm - $14
c) 4.9 gram cut fragment - 30mm x 20mm x 4mm - $20
d) 23.1 gram "slice" (wedged) - 45mm x 25mm x 8mm - $69

NWA 868: (LL6). Tkw = 201grams.
This is a little specimen from a meteorite that we (David Gregory and I) sent in to UCLA years ago. It went in along with the a piece of the now super famous NWA (869) (we were the original people that got some of this looked at and are the source of that number). So here is the last chance (this is the last specimen) to own a piece of the meteorite that was next in line for a number from probably the most famous of all NWAs. 2.8 gram cut fragment - 17mm x 16mm x 6mm - $12

NWA 1906: Rumurutiite (R4), S2, W2. Found 2003. Tkw = 560 grams. One piece of this that must have been nearly as round as a ball-bearing was found (probably really hard to cut as well). This is a complete nearly round slice. It shows many roughly centimeter sized dark chondrule-rich clasts in a dark brown matrix.
28.5 gram complete slice - 63mm x 60mm x 3mm - $450

NWA 1910: Enstatite chondrite (EL6). Found 2002, Tkw = 305 grams.
This is a nice fresh enstatite chondrite. It shows lots of fine grained metal (and the occasional metal vein) in a light gray matrix. It also has a fairly strong sulfur (rotten egg) smell that a good enstatite should have.
a) 1.2 gram part slice - 18mm x 7mm x 3mm - $65
b) 2.3 gram part slice - 18mm x 12mm x 3mm - $100
c) 4.5 gram part slice - 27mm x 17mm x 3mm - $190

NWA 4657: Carbonaceous chondrite (CK4). Tkw = 417grams.
There was one piece of this that Matt and I shared. I sold out of all of my pieces rapidly (this is VERY fresh material, making it quite popular with collectors). I believe that this may be the last piece that Matt had as well. This is a wonderful complete slice from near the center of the original mass (and thus has the largest surface area available).
27.0 gram complete slice - 60mm x 47mm x 4mm - $400

NWA 5028: Carbonaceous chondrite (CR2). Fnd 2007, Tkw = 2445grams.
This is one Matt picked up in Denver a couple years ago. He is keeping the main portion of it and these 2 nice thin pieces are the last specimens available to collectors. These show lots of chondrules in a dark (nearly black) matrix.
a) 7.4 gram part slice - 47mm x 28mm x 1.5mm - $250
b) 15.1 gram part slice - 64mm x 44mm x 1.5mm - $500

NWA 5426: Rumurutiite (R4), polymict breccia. Tkw = 285 grams.
Wow, I wish I had more of this (I do have a similar R chondrite that will be on a future mailed list but it is not quite as nice as this for breccia texture). I had a couple pieces of a likely paired meteorite a year or so ago and they flew out the door even without being fully studied and numbered (and at a price equal to or higher than this). This stuff shows fantastic structure with fragments of all kinds of different colors and textures in a light tan matrix.
a) 23.2 gram end piece - 61mm x 34mm x 5mm - $370
b) 31.4 gram end piece - 52mm x 45mm x 8mm - $500
c) 40.6 gram end piece - 53mm x 43mm x 10mm - $640 - lots of breccia fragments!

NWA 5488: (Lodranite), brecciated. Found 2008. Tkw = 110g.
I had slices of this neat and rare material on my January mailed list and quickly sold out (the fact that is does show a very nice breccia structure sure didn't hurt - some people came back and bought more after receiving their first specimen). Matt Morgan had a couple more pieces set aside that I picked up while visiting him last week (I have been making lots of trips to Denver lately). These are the last specimens available. I may consider breaking one of these up to offer smaller pieces later if they do not sell intact, so let me know if you are looking for a smaller piece.
a) 4.0 gram 1/2 slice - 30mm x 20mm x 2mm - $300
b) 9.7 gram complete slice - 40mm x 32mm x 2.5mm - $700