Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Blaine Reed Meteorites List 72 7APR09

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April 7, 2009

Dear collectors,
Here is yet another offering of material I brought home from Tucson. I apologize that this is going out quite late (particularly for those of you overseas).
It is nice to know that the snow is starting to melt but spring here also brings ditch burning season here (farmers getting ready for the irrigation system to start flowing next week). The smoke and starting of things growing has set off my season of allergies and sinus headaches. I was in rough enough shape most of this morning that I could not seem to get any meaningful work done until now (early afternoon).
As usual, contact me as soon as possible if you want me to set anything aside for you. Enjoy!

BRENHAM, Kansas: (Pallasite).
This is a nice etched complete slice cut from a 69kg iron individual (actually kind of rare for this meteorite) found on October 30, 2005 by Steve Arnold. This shows a nice etch.
274.8 gram complete etched slice - 200mm x 60mm x 2mm - $450

CANYON DIABLO, Arizona: Coarse octahedrite (IAB).
This is a little wire brushed individual I sold to a collector in Florida many years ago. It has a fairly nice shape (Not a lump) and looks quite nice overall (it held up very well in the humid environment and is not rusting at all).
86.7 gram brushed individual - 50mm x 23mm x 16mm - $60

HENBURY, Australia: Medium octahedrite (IIIAB).
Found 1931.
This is a nice natural (not brushed) shrapnel shaped individual. I offered some similar pieces on an earlier mailed offering and quickly sold out. Here is on more chance for a "larger" Henbury specimen.
43.3 gram natural individual - 40mm x 20mm x 12mm - $55 SOLD

BLUFF (b), Texas: (L4). Found 1917. Tkw = 15.5 kilograms.
This is one of my favorite chondrites. It has a beautiful jade-green color unlike any other. This originally came from the Monig collection but this all sold rapidly and no more is available from that source. This piece is from a collector who bought it years ago when it was readily available. I kind of wish I bought a large piece for display myself now.
26.2 gram part slice - 50mm x 25mm x 6mm - $150

FRANCONIA, Arizona: (H5). Found October 31, 2002. Tkw = about 100kg.
Here are a couple individuals that each have a polished window that shows a bit of the interior, as if the finder was not certain that these pieces were meteorites despite the obvious fusion crust covering the rest of the specimens until they saw the chondrules and metal inside.
a) 25.8 gram individual - 30mm x 20mm x 18mm - $40
b) 80.5 gram individual - 35mm x 30mm x 30mm - $120

HAXTUN, Colorado: (H/L 4). Found 1975. Tkw = 45.5kg.
This is an interesting cut fragment of this strange material that has a "large" (about 3mm x 4mm) green chondrule showing on the cut and polished face.
17.5 gram cut fragment - 25mm x 13mm x 23mm - $60 SOLD

GAO - ???: Mystery slice.This is a complete fresh slice of a meteorite that a friend of mine received in a batch of Gao individuals he bought years ago. Its fresh black crust made it obvious that it was something different. The interior is a nice light gray (no rust spotting at all) with sparse chondrules and plenty of fresh metal. This looks to be either a type 5 or 6 (could be either L or H type, it is really hard to tell with this one) It is possible that this is indeed a fresh Gao piece that was picked up right after the fall (I have only seen one other such fresh Gao piece - a small slice from a museum) but it is more likely a new fall that got collected (unnoticed, unfortunately) by the people gathering up pieces of the older Gao fall. This stone, I was told, weighed only a few hundred grams and the other slices have already long since found new homes.
37.2 gram complete fresh slice - 47mm x 40mm x 7mm - $150 SOLD

NWA: Unclassified but likely (L6) with shock veins.
Here is a neat little individual I picked up that had obvious shock veins showing on its surface. I turned out to show these nicely on the interior as well after I cut it in half. The interior shows obvious breccia fragments that are separated by black shock veins. I really wish more of this one was available.
89.3 gram individual cut in half - 55mm x 35mm cut faces - $50 SOLD

ZAG, Western Sahara: (H3-6) breccia. Fell August 4 or 5, 1998. Tkw = about 175kg.
This fragment does show some weathering so it was not picked up immediately after the fall (as few were). It has a 38mm x 20mm patch of black crust and the interior looks like it shows breccia texture (darker type 3 material looks to be amply present). As much as I hate to say it, this piece would probably be really good for cutting up into nice slices.
124.4 gram fragment - 45mm x 35mm x 35mm - $175

NWA (2988), (Eucrite). Tkw = 4602grams.
Lunar look a like!This is really an NWA (482) (Lunar) look-alike. In fact the guys who bought this thought that it was indeed another piece of that famous meteorite. The science though says that this is really "just" a eucrite. Still neat and rare, but quite a let down when you thought you had a nearly 5kg lunar in your hands. This is indeed almost exactly like NWA (482) structurally (showing angular fragments and abundant dark shock veins). About the only real difference is that this material has a bit darker gray clasts and a bit lighter gray shock veins. Here is a chance to own the structure of NWA (482) (very popular and in demand) at less than 1/100th the price.
76.5 gram complete slice - 115mm x 90mm x 3mm - $1200 SOLD

ORGUEIL, France: Carbonaceous chondrite (CI1). Fell May 14, 1864.
This is a piece I forgot I had! Hard to imagine, I realize, but it was hiding in with some other special material I had set aside some years ago (so this one item is NOT a Tucson recovery). This is by far the largest and most solid piece I have of this extremely rare material. This is a nice solid chunk that was sealed in a plastic bag to protect it (which it seems did work as this specimen shows very little of the white sulfate weathering products I have seen on other pierces of this stuff over the years). It also has a Humbolt University label with it, though I cannot guarantee that it really belongs with this piece (it lists no weight and seems to indicate 3 pieces - not just one. Maybe there were 2 smaller specimens with this at one time and the label traveled along with the largest piece).
3.35 gram fragment - 16mm x 15mm x 12m - $4500 SOLD